Liveable Streets Wapping consultation aims to make Wapping even better!

The council’s ‘Liveable Streets’ programme is an attempt to improve the look and feel of public spaces in Wapping. Liveable Streets is brought to you by the Love Your Neighbourhood team who also ran the Wapping Bus Gate proposal.

If you hop over to the Liveable Streets site you can find out more about the idea and more importantly engage with the project and make suggestions as to how Wapping can be improved.

How do you improve paradise?

Obviously it is not possible to improve Wapping but you never know, right?

Both Bow and Bethnal Green are also being given the Love Your Neighbourhood treatment.

Drop-In Sessions

The online survey runs from Monday 29th April to Tuesday 28th May and there are also two drop-in sessions.

  • Saturday 18 May, 10am-12pm – St Peter’s Primary School, Garnet Street, E1W 3QT
  • Tuesday 21 May, 5-7pm – John Orwell Sports Centre, Tench St, Wapping, E1W 2QD

There are already lots of great comments on the Wapping map which allows you to click and add what and where your improvement should be.

Moley’s favourite is to have a pier by Wapping Overground Station. Also more squirrels would be good but he has refrained from adding the possible location of each new squirrel on the map.

You can also contact the consultation team by email:

LW Comment

This looks like a good scheme as long as this is a genuine consultation and not the usual tick-box exercise the council runs which is designed to give a previously made decision legitimacy.

Sceptical, moi?

Having a look at some of the comments on the Liveable Streets site many of the problems would be solved by proper enforcement of existing laws and regulations, like ASB and speeding and being a complete idiot in the vicinity of other people.

We need to get the basics right and the improvements.

But lets get adding those ideas today!

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