Liberal Democrats squish Labour into second place to win London EU Election

Ouch! The London Liberal Democrats have squished the Labour Party into second place to win London in the EU Elections 2019. That means there are x3 Liberal Democrat MEPs, x2 Labour MEPs, x2 Brexit MEPs and x1 Green MEP.

Liberal Democrats came top in London with 608,725 votes beating Labour into second place on 536,810

Here’s a group photo of the victorious Liberal Democrat candidates after hearing the result at London City Hall.

‘Told you so suckers!” (Other interpretations of facial expressions are available)

Although Cllr. Rabina Khan did not become an MEP (great for Shadwell residents, disaster for Tower Hamlets Labour) we think it is reasonable to guess that the smile on her face means ‘Told you so suckers!” as beating Labour into second place across London was a much sought after achievement.

The Lib Dems expected to win two MEP seats so to win three will make them all happy.

You never know they might all go out and buy some decent pullovers to celebrate.

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2 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats squish Labour into second place to win London EU Election

  1. Interesting interpretation. They didn’t win in Tower Hamlets


    1. Quite correct, the Liberal Democrats did not win in Tower Hamlets. The reason this is not much of a big deal either way is because it was a London-wide election with the numbers from individual boroughs contributing to the overall total. We were not electing MEPs on a borough-by-borough basis.

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