Shadwell and Lansbury By-Election Results

Aspire wins in Shadwell, Labour Party wins in Lansbury. No surprises there. At the end of a very speedy count at the Town Hall last night Harun Miah (Aspire) won the Shadwell by-election with 1,012 votes and in Lansbury Rajib Ahmed (Labour) won with a comfortable 1,308 votes.

The Liberal Democrats only managed third place in both wards, with Abjol Miah trailing in after Labour’s Asik Rahman with 484 votes against the Labour candidates 914 in Shadwell.


Name Party Votes
MIAH, Mohammad Harun Aspire 1012
RAHMAN, Md Asikur Labour Party 914
MIAH, Abjol Liberal Democrat 484
STAFFORD, Daryl Martin Conservative Party Candidate 185
KIELY, Timothy Patrick The Green Party 125
GOUS-MIAH, Kazi Mohammad Independent 119
SCHERBATYKH, Elena Women`s Equality Party 65

Tower Hamlets council official results (PDF)

Abjol Miah was standing as an independent candidate due to the unfortunate timing of the Lib Dem announcement on the eve of the poll of an investigation into social media postings.

It was Lansbury residents choice. And they did not choose Ohid Ahmed.

In Lansbury, the hopes of Lutfur Rahman Ohid Ahmed (aka Ohid) getting back into power were dashed as Lutfur’s proxy candidate only managed 1,002 votes.

Abul Asad (aka Asad) came in third with only 290 votes.


Name Party Votes
AHMED, Rajib Labour Party 1308
AHMED, Abul Monsur Ohid Aspire 1002
ASAD, Muhammad Abul Liberal Democrat 290
SHEA, Paul Michael UK Independence Party (UKIP) 176
AFRUZ, Mumshad Conservative Party Candidate 175
URPETH, John David The Green Party 166
MCGRENERA, Terence The House Party – Homes For Londoners 89

Tower Hamlets council official results

“Anyone seen the wheels for our campaign? They seem to have come off.”

The Conservative campaign’s wheels seem to have come off in Lansbury as Mumshad Afruz was beaten into fourth place by the UKIP candidate Paul Shea.

Mr Shea only obtained one more vote than Mr Afruz but a win is a win is a win.


Labour’s Asik Rahman (centre) did not seem to enjoy the evening.


Outside the Town Hall the thin blue line of brave women and men stood ready to repel all attempts by the traffic cones to invade the count.

LW Comment

Lutfur Rahman is not back in power but his influence is certainly back in the Tower Hamlets council chamber. Harun Miah can achieve little by himself and the current opposition (x2 Conservative, x1 Lib Dem) are unlikely to be baking him a ‘Welcome back to elected office’ cake so it should be very interesting to see what he does do.

Ohid Ahmed being beaten in Lansbury is a significant blow to Lutfur Rahman but the Aspire victory in Shadwell ensures that it is not a fatal one.

The Lansbury Tories only managed nine more votes than the Green Party.  It is difficult to assess how much the current Brexit omnishambles affects the local Conservative vote but any mainstream party that finds itself bracketed by UKIP and the Greens might want to have a think about a few things.

One of them might be the wisdom of attacking the Liberal Democrats with such fervour when it is the Labour Party that is their opposition? Just a thought.

And the Liberal Democrats? One of their team said to LW that they tried their best, ‘the Lib Dem way’.

Which is no use at all because the only thing that counts is winning. At the moment it is clear that the Tower Hamlets Lib Dems are still doing what they have been doing for years – losing. And people tend not to vote for parties that always lose.

This is perfectly illustrated by the gobsmackingly stupid decision to announce that their Shadwell candidate Abjol Miah was to have his party membership suspended due to an internal enquiry ON THE EVE OF POLLING DAY.


As we have previously said it is admirable that the Lib Dems tackled the allegations against Abjol Miah head-on rather than evading them as the Labour Party does.

But what muppet announces this sort of decision ON THE EVE OF POLLING DAY? (We use capitalisation just in case our point is not clear.)

According to Lib Dem sources, the timing of the decision was not decided locally but by someone higher up the party hierarchy.

We think it is quite likely that this person was, in fact, Larry the Lib Dem Squirrel. Larry is a nut expert but knows nothing of political tactics. Why he has a key role at Lib Dem Central HQ is beyond us. Maybe it is because he is nice and fluffy and cute?

As it was Abjol Miah was hung out to dry by his own party – which managed to shoot itself in both feet in the process.

And the Lib Dems wonder why they don’t win stuff?

Their opponents have already pointed out that Abjol’s track record is not great in terms of party loyalty or public commitment to traditional Liberal values and maybe he should not have been selected as a candidate? Reality is that if every candidate for elected office in our borough was always judged on their past the council chamber would be nearly empty.

On the bright side last night’s count was extremely quick and efficient. Thanks to the Returning Officer and all his staff for a job well done.

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