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1 Comment

  1. Mark thanks for highlighting this.

    I have in the notes mentioned the below issues. i.e. Reminding what TFL said last year and of course the Wapping Bus lock ins when the Bus does not run, albeit and according to Tower Hamlets the odd car may cross the Highway (may be).




    An additional reason for the need for these step free (new lifts) is the old lifts have over the prior 5 years repeatedly been closed. Often both closed. If you have shopping etc to carry the steps are not viable to climb up. Last year at the Raines House meeting (March 2017) TFL explicitly said the lifts will need constant maintenance and will often be out of action, as they have been this year simply due to their age.

    The provision of step free lifts addresses this additional problem as well as providing Wapping with proper access for those with mobility restrictions. TFL should note the bus is not a solution since due to the 4 Wapping Bus lock in events on Sunday’s which TFL sign off the buses do not run. i.e. The half Marathon, London Marathon, Triathlon and Prudential Cycle events each year.

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