Resignation of Labour Shadwell councillor Ruhul Amin triggers another by-election

News just in that Councillor Ruhul Amin (Labour, Shadwell) has resigned his post citing ‘personal reasons’ for the latest desertion from Mayor Biggs’ Labour administration.

Ruhul Amin

The resignation of Cllr. Amin comes shortly after the resignation of Cllr. Harun (Labour, Shadwell) after allegations of housing fraud and Cllr. Pappu (Labour, Blackwall & Cubitt Town) not resigning after being caught out posting anti-Semitic comments on social media and disappearing from the council chamber.

Would the last Labour councillor to resign turn off the lights?

LW is beginning to have difficulty in keeping track of the Labour resignations, but it seems a trend has now been set for 2019.

This also means that another by-election will need to be held in Shadwell, the heartland of Cllr. Rabina Khan,  in addition to Lansbury.

It is not known if the date of the Lansbury by-election will be delayed so that both contests can be held at the same time to reduce costs.

With less than two hours left of 2018 as we go to press we cannot rule out yet another Labour councillor resigning before the end of the year.

If this does happen we will have to write about it next year.

Happy 2019 everybody!

Update 01 January 2019

Below is a screen grab of a WhatsApp post by Ruhul Amin explainings his reason for resigning and relocating to Bangladesh. One reason he gives is that ‘The time and attention required to fulfil such a role [as Councillor for Shadwell] is much more than I had envisaged and I am no longer able to commit this’.

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