Wapping community volunteers resort to High Court Injunction against Council

Only in Tower Hamlets. Yesterday Christine Trumper of Community Solutions obtained a High Court injunction to stop Tower Hamlets Council from carrying out their stated intention of changing the locks at 15 Chandler Street in another attempt to stop Wapping community volunteers from providing services to our community.

The injunction is only a stay of execution for 21 days.

It is hoped that the Council will pay heed to the High Court injunction – which was hand delivered by the Wapping Mole to the Council this morning – and not change the locks at the Children’s Centre today at 4 pm.

High Court injunction
High Court injunction
High Court injunction

Tea and cakes at 4pm today!

Just in case this still goes ahead Wapping community volunteers, including the entire Love Wapping staff, are gathering in the reception area and are asking anyone else who wants to take part in a peaceful protest to come along before 4 pm today.

We may even have tea and cakes!

High Court injunction clearly displayed on door 15 Chandler Street.

Measure of last resort

The High Court injunction was taken as a measure of last resort after locksmiths arrived at 15 Chandler Street on Wednesday and started measuring up doors prior to the planned lock change – and lockout – at 4 pm today.

Tower Hamlets Council seems intent on stopping residents providing services to their own community, quite why we have yet to discover. But we will.

Wapping Mole’s current view inside 15 Chandler Street

More updates as events happen. Or just tea and cake is consumed.

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