Tower Hamlets council pays out £7m in redundancy and severance payments

£6,903,244 was paid out by Tower Hamlets council pays out £7m in redundancy and severance payments to 191 employees between June 2015 – October 2017.

The information is contained in the council response to FOI request 9550968.

FOI 9550968 Redundancy and severance payments

Please disclose the total sums spent by the authority on (i) redundancy payments and (ii) severance payments (including compromise agreements and any departures in respect of which settlements were signed that did not concern redundancy) since 12 June 2015, and provide breakdown of each figure by (a) grade and (b) number of individuals in receipt of payment.

CMT = Corporate Management Team, DMT = Development Management Team

Sum (£) No. of individuals Sum (£) No. of individuals
CMT or equivalent £220,914 3 £292,467 3
DMT managers or equivalent £344,211 8 £586,221 8
Managers that are not on DMT or equivalent £1,492,406 65 £1,467,684 65
Staff without managerial responsibilities £1,166,255 115 £1,333,088 115
TOTAL £3,223,785 191 £3,679,459 191

Overall total £6,903, 244


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