The Wapping Mole’s Little Trip – Many Thanks To All Who Lent A Helping Paw

None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow. Sure, it is very likely that tomorrow you will do exactly what you planned to do and the day after that. But you might not. Always worth bearing mind. ‘Cos stuff happens and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

Gutter snuggle

This was one of the things running through Moley’s mind last week as he snuggled up in the gutter of Cinnamon Street in the late afternoon sun.

Naughty manhole cover! Naughty!

Although moles are known to take any opportunity for a little Mole Nap this was definitely an unplanned stop as Moley had just tripped over and broken his right shoulder into twelve pieces. Like twelve pieces of eight but not as valuable.

The kindness of strangers

The very good thing that happened was the huge number of people, most of whom Moley does not know, who came to his aid. The kindness of strangers can never be underestimated. Moley’s Little Trip may have been very painful but it was also life affirming.

This short story is in lieu of not being able to personally thank everyone who came to Moley’s aid.

Long story short Moley was walking to the D3 bus stop just past Wapping Station and crossed over Wapping Lane into Cinnamon Street and tripped.

Our Investigative Team (Urban Disaster Division) visited the scene a few days later and believes that a manhole cover that is not flush with the road surface in Cinnamon Street was what Moley caught his Mole Boot on, or he might have just been his usual clumsy self.

Mole view of sky.

Either way Moley instantly found himself stumbling across Cinnamon Street headed for what he knew was going to be a very uncontrolled landing on the kerb or something else hard.

And he was right!

Moley hardly had time to exclaim “Gosh, that stung!” before complete strangers began tending to him.

How good is that?

Once Moley had very carefully rolled onto his back he spent some time looking up at the brilliant blue sky (pictured) while even more people came to his aid.

Most memorably one person had apparently just that very day finished a First Aid course and so Moley, not altogether with it, was quite content for him to be his first real casualty.

The two men digging a trench in Cinnamon Street very kindly placed their hi-vis jackets on Moley to keep him nice and warm and also make him visible by any satellites orbiting high above.

Someone else called an ambulance and another person raced off to Wapping Health Centre for aid.

A retired GP who lives above Cinnamon Cafe came down and checked the Mole Pulse, only to realise that she was a Mole Friend!

A little while later another GP who was passing on her way home also stopped to help.

Where Mole intended to walk along Cinnamon Street

Numerous police officers were swiftly on scene and did the usual MPS Tower Hamlets thing although Moley declined a space blanket.

Our NHS rocks!

When the London Ambulance Service team arrived they took over and did their amazingly professional thing too, got the Mole to his hind paws and whiskered whisked him off to the Royal London Hospital A&E Department.

All this time Moley had declined gas and air or anything else to numb the pain as it did not really hurt much. He was convinced that he had just badly strained his upper arm so was not too fussed. Of course the ace A&E people did their ace A&E thing during the course of which it became clear that while Moley’s arm might be a little strained his right shoulder was a little shattered.


Where Mole actually travelled along Cinnamon Street

However the now much more with it Mole discussed his options with the orthopaedic surgeon and agreed it was OK for him to be discharged that night and return for an operation over the weekend.

Return to Mole Mansions

So Moley wandered off to Whitechapel Station and was swiftly back at Mole Mansions.

On the Sunday Moley returned for some surgery on his right shoulder and was discharged on the Monday.

Every since he has been recovering well although he has not been digging at full capacity.

Moles do not bruise easily, especially not this one, so Mole was amazed to see the huge amount of black and deep blue bruises which were a feature of his svelte Mole physique for a week or so.

Landing Zone

And of course once the severe bruising eased off and the pain reduced the numerous other scrapes, scratches and bashed he had collected on his little trip all made themselves known.

Which was nice of them.

Fancy a trip? Look no further than Wapping

Mole continues to recover although he is taking it easy. Well, sometimes.

He is just thankful that he tripped over in lovely Wapping E1W and so many people he will probably never meet looked after him in his hour of need.

Thanks to all.

Thanks Squirrels!

Special mention must be made of the Wapping Squirrels who were exceptionally kind as always, provided tea, milk and biscuits and even drove Moley to hospital for surgery in the Emergency Nut Car.

Wapping Squirrel – always happy to help Moley as long as he doesn’t want a conker.

And of course thanks to the person who, despite being unable to find their way from their own kitchen to their bathroom without a 1:1 ratio map and a trail of breadcrumbs up the stairs, has been of immense help too. Thanks to them, wherever on earth they now are. Lost, we assume.

Fancy some LW video content? Dream on!

Typing is still going to be a a very slow process for some time however so LW might not have as many stories as usual for the next few weeks. This would be an ideal opportunity for some video content on LW, but our finances do not stretch to some much needed accessories for our iPhone, let alone a proper video camera with knobs and flashing lights and stuff!

The LW Video Crew were still getting to grips with the basics of exposure.

We do have a nice tripod though which is the main thing.

But we will do our best and try and ensure we cover the most important stuff. After all, neither of our readers has noticed any difference in the quality of our editorial output until now.

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