Finally, a petition worth signing. Reject the Raines House Planning Application

Normally LW is no great fan of petitions, but sometimes one comes along that just needs lots of signatures. And here it is.

So we would urge you – and your friends and neighbours – to sign this petition on regarding the still unexplained lunacy to spend £1,300,000 of money the borough does not have on a refurbishment of Raines House, Wapping – Reject the Planning Application on 27th September.

Raines House

Signed it? Yes. Good. If not sign it then – and only then – can you read on.

Few if any issues have united people in Wapping more than the Raines House refurbishment issue.

As the petition, organised by grass roots ‘fight bureaucracy on the beaches’ campaigner Christine Trumper, says this refurbishment is being undertaken “without proper consultation with the local community – to whom the building belongs and for whom it’s use is planned.”

The planned (really?) refurbishment will have a massive impact on at least21 other community groups and charities by decanting Raines House users into 15 Chandler Street – from where £3m worth of services (completely unsupported by LBTH) are currently being delivered.

LW has been trying to find out why someone decided to spend £1.3m on Raines House without a word to Wapping residents before the decision to do it was taken but have so far drawn a blank.

In the meantime the Wapping residents who have, against dogged resistance by Tower Hamlets council, turned the previously empty Children’s Centre in Chandler Street into a now thriving community centre for the people by the people are still fighting the Raines House refurbishment decision.

We suggest you join them.

It’s just the right thing to do.

Oh and you can find lots of interesting stories about this whole saga in the links at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

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