Another new course at Chandler Street Community Centre Wapping

Local resident Marie Cahill is starting a new course at Chandler Street Community Centre called Heal Your Life.

There is a free introduction including exercise and video this Thursday 13th September 6.45 PM to 9PM at Community Solutions, 15 Chandler Street, Wapping, E1W 2QL

Chandler Street Children’s Centre

Heal Your Life 1–2–1 Coaching Workshop Courses are based on the life work of Louise L. Hay (author of best-selling book You Can Heal Your Life) and quite simply will give you the tools to identify limiting thought and belief patterns that are preventing you from achieving your best Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Loving Relationships & Life Goals.

You will learn to identify and eliminate beliefs such as:

  • Relationships don’t work
  • Life is difficult
  • I’m never well
  • I’ll never have what I really want
  • I’m not good enough

Please contact Marie on 07754 060 561 for further details.

The new Heal Your Life class is another addition to the other grassroots activities going on at the Community Centre at 15 Chandler Street which has been invigorated by local community groups using the space left empty by the council’s Children’s Centre closure.

A great way to reinvigorate a local community asset – and it didn’t cost £1.3m to get it running either! Just a lot of hard work by Wapping residents.

Other community activities and classes include:

  • Arts Sense and Mental Health
  • Pre Post Natal pilates
  • Tuina Massage (Sports Injury)
  • Birthday parties at weekends.
  • Soft Play by Once Upon a Time
  • CCG funded Mindfulness sessions
  • Nia Rape Counselling
  • Lithuanian Rebirthing Techniques
  • Community Solutions
    • Education Station
    • Trumpers Jumpers
    • Conversational English Classes
    • Employment Training & Development
    • Work Experience
    • Volunteering
    • Duke of Edinburgh
  • Music Lessons
  • Piano / Singing Lessons

So why not pop along to the Chandler Street one day and find out what’s going on or contact them on ? It’s your community centre so go use it!

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