Latest Anti-Social Behavour developments in Wapping (and a boycott too!)

Thanks to the work of local residents there are now various developments happening in the fight against Anti-Social Behaviour in Wapping. Here is a brief round-up including the reasons why LW will be boycotting a community walkabout on Friday to discuss ASB.

ITV London News report on Wapping ASB

The nice people from ITV London News paid Wapping a visit during the week to do a report on the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) / laughing gas canisters we and all borough residents are plagued by.

Moley did his usual gas canister kicking routine but was also joined by resident Zamir Crouch who is a bit of a star to be honest.

Private security company to patrol Wapping

The reason Zamir is a bit of a star is because he has spent the last few months organising a private security company to patrol the streets of Wapping.

Good, eh?

This is not officially launched yet but will be soon. Full details when we have them.

Crowdfunded by residents this should be a massive help. Sad we have to organise and pay for it ourselves but this is the reality of the situation.

Quay 430 ASB planning application to tackle ASB rejected

Thanks to various sharp-eyed readers LW found out that residents of Quay 430 in Asher Way / Kennet Street had submitted a planning application (PA/18/01321/NC) to keep out the ASB groups who infest their part of Wapping.

LW has personal experience of this situation and supports it 100%.

Entrance to Quay 430 Asher Way opposite Waitrose

The application was for the installation of fob operated vehicular boom gates, static bollards and pedestrian gates to resident parking facilities.

Unfortunately the application was refused by the council as detailed below. Hopefully the application will be amended and resubmitted. Go for it Quay 430!

The application was refused because:

  1. The proposed vehicle boom gates and associated casing by reason of their poor quality design and prominent location fronting the street would result in an incongruous form of development that would be detrimental to the surrounding area.(LW Comment – but better than ASB, no?)
  2. The proposed pedestrian gates by reason of their location, blocking off public access routes would negatively impact upon the local street network.(LW Comment – yes they would, but that’s the bleeding’ point and still better than unchecked ASB.)
  3. The details provided were insufficient to demonstrate that the proposed vehicle gates would not have an unreasonable impact upon the local highway network.(LW Comment – how about the unreasonable impact on residents who pay their taxes, community charge and estate service charges only to have their car parking spaces invaded every night by groups of youths having sex in cars, littering the area with used condoms, taking drugs and ordering pizza deliveries to their cars like they were at home?)
Quay 430 private car park subject of planning application

Community safety walkabout Friday 31st August

Apparently Cllr. Abdal Ullah will be gracing Wapping with his presence for a walkabout to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) on Friday 31 August from 10.30pm – 11:15pm. Meeting Point: Wapping Overground Station. Note this is at night when it is dark, not during the day when it is light as we previously claimed. My bad!

Quite why Wapping needs yet another ASB walkabout is beyond us. Unless it’s sole purpose is to save the political career of Cllr. Abdal Ullah?

LW to boycott ASB walkabout

This seems the most likely reason so LW will be boycotting it. Yes, you read those words correctly. LW will be boycotting an ASB walkabout in Wapping. If you want to go along by all means do but you won’t see Moley there.

Main reason is, as we have stated, we have no interest in making Cllr. Ullah look like he is doing something when he is not.

Additionally we have a funny feeling that we know a whole lot more about ASB issues in the ward than Cllr. Ullah (a low bar, but hey) and we already spend a lot of time working on these issues by either (a) reporting ASB to the police (b) highlighting ASB issues to others (c) working with other residents to get stuff done (d) acting rather than posturing.

Not rocket science is it? But when friends of LW are threatened with violence in their own park when all they want to do is walk their dog a line has been crossed.

And that is not right.

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2 thoughts on “Latest Anti-Social Behavour developments in Wapping (and a boycott too!)

  1. As regards Quay 430 gates to combat ASB
    Three estates on the Isle of Dogs were also refused gates for very similar reasons to Quay 430 by the Council – all three appealed to the Planning Inspector and all three were granted on appeal
    Last year the Chief Planning Inspector wrote a letter to Councils reminding them of the importance of using design etc to improve physical security. I pointed this out to the Examiner of the LBTH Local Plan examination of which starts next week and he has asked the Council to comment as the new Local Plan makes almost no reference to crime, ASB or terrorism
    Clare Place on the Isle of Dogs recently got gates approved by Councillors on the development committee against officers advice
    Recently also at Development Committee Cllr Danny Hassell spoke in favour of gates in a development in his ward to combat ASB

    Cllr Andrew Wood

    1. That’s thank for that Andrew, extremely helpful. Hopefully the Quay 430 people will read it and appeal. Your comment about the new Local Plan is also very valuable.

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