Kerb crawling not OK says council – organised prostitution rings in Wapping fine

Tower Hamlets council has once again demonstrated its complete ignorance of the reality of life in the borough by announcing the launch of their “Stop and Think” program aimed at tackling kerb crawlers.

Apparently anyone found kerb crawling will be given one chance to attend the “Stop and Think” educational program otherwise they will be prosecuted.


Cliched photo of kerb crawling issued by council. Captions added by LW to highlight the absurdity of this nonsense.

Kerb crawling is undoubtedly a significant problem in parts of the borough and needs to be properly and robustly tackled. Apart from the crime itself kerb crawlers often harass perfectly innocent women who are just walking along the street.

But as Wapping residents are well aware gangs can run prostitution rackets from cars parked up in Green Bank Wapping with impunity.

“Stop and Think” is hailed as an ‘innovative program’ by Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs.

Cllr. Asma Begum, cabinet member for community safety believes that: ”This programme helps stop people from repeatedly kerb crawling and driving demand for criminal behaviour.”

Uh huh.

The dividing line seems to be the crawling along the kerb bit.

Crawling bad, parked no problem

As Wapping residents know back in March / April 2017 we were told that if a car – or in the case of Wapping a row of up to seven cars with minders – is static but expressly there for the purposes of prostitution then nothing will be done. Not. One. Thing.

Real photograph of organised prostitution ring Green Bank, Wapping taken by LW in 2017

If the car is doing the crawling thing then the full weight of the law will descend upon said moving car and its occupant.

But nothing is going to happen if the car (or group of cars) is static, parked up in the middle of a residential area in full view of everyone. Because that is just ok.

If each car has one or two male minders inside and one or two extremely well dressed working ladies inside then that is no cause for action.

It’s even fine when the car’s occupants receive a phone call and the minders drive one of the ladies to work then return to Green Bank. Or Wapping High Street. Or Pennington Street.

Taking a cut

It’s still no problem at all when the minder returns an hour or so later to collect his colleague. And presumably take his cut of her earnings.

There is word for that type of person and his financial transaction. What is it now? (Checks dictionary..)

Oh yeah! Pimp! “(Noun) a man who controls prostitutes, especially by finding customers for them, and takes some of the money that they earn.”

But that’s fine too. The pimp and his car are just delivering prostitutes from Wapping to somewhere else (probably to one of the posher apartment blocks in Wapping, along the river or Canary Wharf).

This is not even Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

Real photograph of organised prostitution ring Green Bank, Wapping taken by LW in 2017


Organised crime? Ah never mind.

At the time LW was given to understand that because the alleged prostitutes were not soliciting in the street and they were not indulging in any ASB then they would be pretty much left alone and that the whole ‘organised’ bit didn’t really matter.

LW Comment

Maybe the logic of the authorities is something like this. “Doing anything about prostitution rings operating from cars is too difficult / not innovative enough / we just can’t be arsed to do any real work.”

“But we can do something about kerb crawling because it is easy / pretty cheap / we can pretend it is innovative / we can’t be arsed to do any real work / we can call it something catchy like “Stop Shagging Women For Money You Exploitative Wealthy Male Bastards Stop and Think”

Whatever the reason the double standards for kerb crawling and organised prostitution rings makes no sense whatsoever.

It is must be welcome news for the Wapping pimps – as long as they drive their colleagues past the kerbs of Tower Hamlets at more than a crawl.

Note: Is the Wapping prostitution ring still in operation? Moley does not go out at night at the moment so has no idea. If you know let Moley know! 

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  1. Moley, they are at large on West garden. Most nights, two cars. Started noticing then about three years ago.

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