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  1. Can no-one be clear on who were involved for the general good of the community. Are we unable to describe either victims or villains ? Are we so tongue tied by political correctness that events are sanitised for our ‘safety’. Councillor R Khan referred, in her recent LBC interview, to the establishment ‘politicising’ these incidents. That surely is exactly what Tower Hamlets MPS have been accused of doing since the Lutfur Rahman era by failing to name and shame the perpetrators of local crime.

    1. Neither victims or villains have been described by us or any other publication because we don’t know and we are not in the business of guessing.
      We are also restricted to a certain extent by law. If the police provide us with description of suspects or photos (see the EDL post) then we will publish these.
      There is no sanitising of this issue for our safety or political correctness, all the facts we know have been published.
      Therefore I don’t see how any criticism of MPS Tower Hamlets or the Council or anyone else can be criticised.

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