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  1. Given Lutfur’s long history in Tower hamlets politics, will there be an investigation into his activities when he was still part of the Labour party? It seems extremely improbable that he got elected and then decided to do things wrong, It’s much more likely that he wanted to get elected so that he could continue doing dodgy things that he had already started whilst in the Labour party and indeed that he would have had the collusion of some in the Labour party in doing those things.

    1. Short answer – no. But then maybe a better question is how the numerous activities of Tower Hamlets First were allowed to continue unchecked for four years while the Labour Party councillors looked on?

      1. I’ve often thought that many politicians in Tower Hamlets are corrupt and generally rotten to the core.

        How many months/years were councillors subjected to verbal abuse at public meetings, while officials looked on and did nothing?

        Had I not lived here all my life, I’d have gone by now.

        Tower Hamlets politics is an embarrassment to the UK.

  2. I wonder if the investigation will expand to other councillors in his former party?

    Also, what’s the betting Lutfur absconds? I reckon it’s 50/50…

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