Wapping Mole makes guest non-appearance on Order Order!

Well we never! The Wapping Mole was just brushing his whiskers for a night out under the town when one (or possibly both) of his keen eyed readers @AlexandeJB89 told him that the venerable Guido Fawkes parliamentary shenanigans site had given pride of place to LW’s story on the increased allowances for key members of the new Labour administration. 

Blimey! Love Wapping gets a mention on Order Order!

Moley does think the ‘Tower Hamlets Labour Council Bosses Award Themselves Vast Pay Rises’ headline is not as subtle as it could be – but it does get the message across.

Shameless self-promotion

The rest of the LW editorial team could tell that being around politicians a lot recently had caused some damage to Moley’s personality as he immediately turned this into an opportunity for shameless self-promotion by writing this!

Which makes no sense at all! Because we are linking to the Order Order! story which links to our story. This could go on forever.

Many thanks to the numerous Molettes – who can of course not be named – for their help in providing us with our five minutes of fame.

Or is it shame?  Who cares. (See – told you the politicos morals had brushed off on Moley!)

And of course many thanks to Guido Fawkes for the reference – it’s good to see another online publication linking back to our story as opposed to shamelessly ripping our work off with no credit at all, a practise which seems to be almost a standard feature for a certain London paper that used to be only published in the evening.

If you, or indeed a member of your Parliamentary Office (ahem!) would like to fund Moley then just click the link below! You can probably claim it back on expenses.

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