Tower Hamlets gives verdict on Lufur Rahman comeback – no thanks!

Lutfur Rahman’s attempt to return to Tower Hamlets politics by the backdoor use of the Aspire party has met with total failure as his proxy candidate Ohid Ahmed has lost the mayoral race.

Lutfur Rahman – toast in 2014, still toast in 2018.

A few minutes ago it was announced that only the current Mayor John Biggs and PATH’s Rabina Khan were still in the race to be the next mayor and second preference votes are now being counted at the ExCel centre.

In addition to the ultimate winner of the mayoral competition the borough now waits to see how well Lutfur Rahman’s, sorry Ohid Ahmed’s Aspire candidates do.

Even if Aspire does manage to win some ward seats it is clear that the voters of Tower Hamlets have turned their back on Rahman.

Now we wait to see who the new mayor will be, Biggs or Khan?

You can keep up to date with the Tower Hamlets election results during the day on our Elections 2018 page. 

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3 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets gives verdict on Lufur Rahman comeback – no thanks!

  1. Its quite disturbing that you have decided to put a Lutfur Rahman photo on toast in this article, at the very least promotes quite violent imagery and at worst, has quite racist overtones. There has been similar photo’s done to Diane Abbott, Sadiq Khan and Luciana Berger which has rightly been called out as racist and inappropriate and been taken down, I don’t think this is any different. There is enough to criticise Rahman without creating dangerous iconography which can be misconstrued as hostility towards British Bangladeshi political figures in the East End or the Bengali community as a whole. In summary, I would be grateful if you could respond to me about why you thought it was appropiate to have this photo attached to an article?

    1. Toast is violent imagery? Dangerous iconography? Seriously? Why not take some time off and get a life?

  2. You are lucky that Ohid and rabina wasn’t together as Biggs would have been out of council

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