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Tower Hamlets elections – all the wards, all the parties, all the results

By on May 9, 2018 in Elections 2018, Voting

The below table shows all the results for the local councillor elections last week.

Special mention goes to Altab Miah of Aspire who stood in St. Katharine’s & Wapping. Altab only managed to get 34 votes, the least number of votes of any councillor in the borough.

Ward Candidate Party Votes % Result
Bethnal Green Mohammed Ahbab Hossain Labour 2,916 18.63 Elected
Bethnal Green Sirajul Islam Labour 2,830 18.08 Elected
Bethnal Green Eve Josephine Mcquillan Labour 2,816 17.99 Elected
Bethnal Green Shamsul Hoque People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 800 5.11 Not elected
Bethnal Green Syed Johurul Haque People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 778 4.97 Not elected
Bethnal Green Eleanor Jayne Matthews Green 678 4.33 Not elected
Bethnal Green Paul David Burgess Green 570 3.64 Not elected
Bethnal Green Jessie Macneil-Brown Women’s Equality Party 564 3.60 Not elected
Bethnal Green John Patrick William Foster Green 532 3.40 Not elected
Bethnal Green Farhana Akther Aspire 501 3.20 Not elected
Bethnal Green MD Amadul Hoque Chowdhury Aspire 394 2.52 Not elected
Bethnal Green Will Dyer Liberal Democrats 375 2.40 Not elected
Bethnal Green Jamir Hussain Chowdhury Aspire 357 2.28 Not elected
Bethnal Green Silas Matthew Longwill Davis Liberal Democrats 347 2.22 Not elected
Bethnal Green Phyllisa Mary Shelton Liberal Democrats 323 2.06 Not elected
Bethnal Green Radia Alam Conservative 291 1.86 Not elected
Bethnal Green Lillian Kay Forrester Ingram Conservative 291 1.86 Not elected
Bethnal Green Dinah Glover Conservative 291 1.86 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Candida Ronald Labour 1,275 11.88 Elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Ehtasham Haque Labour 1,237 11.53 Elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Mohammed Iqbal Morshed Pappu Labour 1,089 10.15 Elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Alexander John Kay Conservative 883 8.23 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Sofia Da Silva Pereira Taviera Sousa Conservative 807 7.52 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Nick Vandyke Conservative 804 7.49 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Abdul Malik Aspire 708 6.60 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Muhammad Bellal Uddin Aspire 650 6.06 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Mohammed Aminur Rahman Aspire 605 5.64 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Stephen Clarke Liberal Democrats 600 5.59 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Gabriella Pasquale De Ferry Liberal Democrats 562 5.24 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Antonio Eduardo Munoz Moreno Liberal Democrats 363 3.38 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Thomas William Grindall Fea Green 321 2.99 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Mark Lomas Green 306 2.85 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town Shahena Nessa People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 287 2.67 Not elected
Blackwall & Cubiitt Town David Hoole Green 236 2.20 Not elected
Bow East Rachel Blake Labour 2,789 21.52 Elected
Bow East Marc Francis Labour 2,644 20.40 Elected
Bow East Amina Ali Labour 2,482 19.15 Elected
Bow East David John Cox Green 591 4.56 Not elected
Bow East Foyzul Islam Aspire 503 3.88 Not elected
Bow East Farika Holden Green 464 3.58 Not elected
Bow East Daniel Thomas Smith Green 416 3.21 Not elected
Bow East MD Shah Bodruzzaman People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 390 3.01 Not elected
Bow East Eimear O’Casey Liberal Democrats 366 2.82 Not elected
Bow East Sean Michael Dempster Conservative 358 2.76 Not elected
Bow East Ben Sims Liberal Democrats 346 2.67 Not elected
Bow East Robin William Edwards Conservative 345 2.66 Not elected
Bow East Koyes Uzzaman Choudhury Liberal Democrats 342 2.64 Not elected
Bow East Mohammed Ataur Rahman Aspire 338 2.61 Not elected
Bow East Mahamed Ahmed Ismail Aspire 329 2.54 Not elected
Bow East Joseph Kieron Mycroft Conservative 258 1.99 Not elected
Bow West Asma Begum Labour 2384 33.48 Elected
Bow West Val Whitehead Labour 2038 28.62 Elected
Bow West Aliatair James Polson Green 499 7.01 Not elected
Bow West Liza Franchi Liberal Democrats 413 5.80 Not elected
Bow West Anne Victoria Silberbauer Green 398 5.59 Not elected
Bow West Samuel Robert Hall Conservative 356 5.00 Not elected
Bow West Agnieszka Julia Kendrick Conservative 282 3.96 Not elected
Bow West Muhammad Habibur Rahman Aspire 273 3.83 Not elected
Bow West Altaf Hussain Liberal Democrats 255 3.58 Not elected
Bow West Mohammed Kamrul Islam Tanim Aspire 223 3.13 Not elected
Bromley North Zenith Rahman Labour 1367 23.17 Elected
Bromley North Dan Tomlinson Labour 1136 19.26 Elected
Bromley North Mohammed Mufti Miah Aspire 905 15.34 Not elected
Bromley North Khales Uddin Ahmed People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 795 13.48 Not elected
Bromley North Nazrul Mannan Aspire 525 8.90 Not elected
Bromley North Nehad Ahmed Chowdhury People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 353 5.98 Not elected
Bromley North Helen Louise Bateman Green 258 4.37 Not elected
Bromley North Janet Irene Ludlow Liberal Democrats 190 3.22 Not elected
Bromley North Angela Carlton Conservative 143 2.42 Not elected
Bromley North Scott Henry Gibson Conservative 117 1.98 Not elected
Bromley North Christopher Rawlins Liberal Democrats 110 1.86 Not elected
Bromley South Danny Hassell Labour 1786 26.25 Elected
Bromley South Helal Uddin Labour 1759 25.85 Elected
Bromley South Bodrul Islam Choudhury Aspire 1018 14.96 Not elected
Bromley South Kabir Hussain Aspire 903 13.27 Not elected
Bromley South Ras Uddin People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 271 3.98 Not elected
Bromley South Caroline Anne Fenton Green 228 3.35 Not elected
Bromley South Josh Casswell Liberal Democrats 191 2.81 Not elected
Bromley South Ben Crompton Conservative 190 2.79 Not elected
Bromley South Florian Herzberg Green 166 2.44 Not elected
Bromley South Emily Jayne Stevenson Liberal Democrats 165 2.43 Not elected
Bromley South Zachary Lee Harris Conservative 127 1.87 Not elected
Canary Wharf Andrew George Wood Conservative 883 15.83 Elected
Canary Wharf Kyrsten Danielle Perry Labour 760 13.63 Elected
Canary Wharf Anisur Rahman Anis Labour 758 13.59 Not elected
Canary Wharf Tom Randall Conservative 754 13.52 Not elected
Canary Wharf Mohammed Maium Miah Talukdar Aspire 700 12.55 Not elected
Canary Wharf Helen Begum Aspire 456 8.18 Not elected
Canary Wharf Kevin Martin Lyons Liberal Democrats 315 5.65 Not elected
Canary Wharf Yusuf Enayaat Ahmed People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 236 4.23 Not elected
Canary Wharf Gareth Lewis Shelton Liberal Democrats 222 3.98 Not elected
Canary Wharf Andrew Grey Green 215 3.86 Not elected
Canary Wharf Natasha Bolter Independent 141 2.53 Not elected
Canary Wharf Alasdair Blackwell Green 137 2.46 Not elected
Island Gardens Mufeedah Bustin Labour 1111 16.05 Elected
Island Gardens Peter Stacey Golds Conservative 1107 15.99 Elected
Island Gardens Shahaveer Hussain Labour 1032 14.91 Not elected
Island Gardens Elaine Bagshaw Liberal Democrats 899 12.99 Not elected
Island Gardens James Robert Strawson Conservative 778 11.24 Not elected
Island Gardens Shelly Lorraine English Liberal Democrats 614 8.87 Not elected
Island Gardens Sadiqur Bablu Rahman Aspire 370 5.34 Not elected
Island Gardens Sohid Chowdhury Aspire 282 4.07 Not elected
Island Gardens Victoria Bracken Gladwin Green 279 4.03 Not elected
Island Gardens David Nicholas Allison Green 254 3.67 Not elected
Island Gardens Abdul Manik People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 197 2.85 Not elected
Lansbury Kahar Chowdhury Labour 2140 15.80 Elected
Lansbury Muhammad HM Harun Labour 1868 13.79 Elected
Lansbury Bex White Labour 1839 13.58 Elected
Lansbury Abul Monsur Ohid Ahmed Aspire 1358 10.03 Not elected
Lansbury Jahed Choudhury Aspire 980 7.24 Not elected
Lansbury Shuily Akthar Aspire 881 6.51 Not elected
Lansbury Abdul Salam Sheikh People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 646 4.77 Not elected
Lansbury Jack Mark Gilbert Liberal Democrats 506 3.74 Not elected
Lansbury Oliver McQueen Liberal Democrats 427 3.15 Not elected
Lansbury Mumshad Afruz Conservative 398 2.94 Not elected
Lansbury Paul William Eric Ingham Conservative 388 2.86 Not elected
Lansbury Katy Guttmann Green 377 2.78 Not elected
Lansbury Syed Ansar Miah People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 354 2.61 Not elected
Lansbury Muhammad Fakar Uddin People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 337 2.49 Not elected
Lansbury John David Urpeth Green 331 2.44 Not elected
Lansbury Tara Hussain Liberal Democrats 299 2.21 Not elected
Lansbury Hanad Mohammed Darwish Conservative 247 1.82 Not elected
Lansbury Monsur Ahmed Khan Independent 167 1.23 Not elected
Limehouse James Robert Venables King Labour 755 37.05 Elected
Limehouse David Robert Garside Conservative 622 30.52 Not elected
Limehouse Jack Norman Flanagan Briggs Liberal Democrats 265 13.00 Not elected
Limehouse Shaheen Rashid Aspire 207 10.16 Not elected
Limehouse Tim Kiely Green 117 5.74 Not elected
Limehouse Adam O’Connell People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 72 3.53 Not elected
Mile End Asma Islam Labour 2646 18.34 Elected
Mile End David Edgar Labour 2515 17.43 Elected
Mile End Puru Miah Labour 2052 14.22 Elected
Mile End Shah Alam People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 1142 7.92 Not elected
Mile End Helal Miah Aspire 941 6.52 Not elected
Mile End Joynul Bashar Aspire 870 6.03 Not elected
Mile End Mustak Ahmed Syed Aspire 757 5.25 Not elected
Mile End Mohammad Obeaidur Rahman People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 539 3.74 Not elected
Mile End Ciaran Cusack Green 482 3.34 Not elected
Mile End Gracie Dorothy Browning Conservative 408 2.83 Not elected
Mile End Aaron Parr Green 381 2.64 Not elected
Mile End Jonathan Harold Fryer Liberal Democrats 359 2.49 Not elected
Mile End Tabitha Alice Harman Potts Liberal Democrats 323 2.24 Not elected
Mile End Richard Alan Macmillan Liberal Democrats 315 2.18 Not elected
Mile End Nick Millward Conservative 282 1.95 Not elected
Mile End Carlos Manuel Soares De Freitas Conservative 238 1.65 Not elected
Mile End Mohammad Sajjadur Rahman People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 178 1.23 Not elected
Poplar Sufia Alam Labour 732 36.84 Elected
Poplar Gulam Kibria Choudhury Aspire 533 26.82 Not elected
Poplar Dulal Uddin People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 445 22.40 Not elected
Poplar Harry Nicholas Scoffin Conservative 143 7.20 Not elected
Poplar John Francis Denniston Liberal Democrats 96 4.83 Not elected
Poplar Luke Anthony Connolly Independent 38 1.91 Not elected
Shadwell Rabina Khan People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 1565 21.18 Elected
Shadwell Ruhul Amin Labour 1270 17.19 Elected
Shadwell Charlotte Norton Labour 1157 15.66 Not elected
Shadwell Harun Miah Aspire 993 13.44 Not elected
Shadwell Ana Miah People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 765 10.35 Not elected
Shadwell Bodruzzaman Shamim Aspire 439 5.94 Not elected
Shadwell Kazi Mohammad Gous-Miah Independent 244 3.30 Not elected
Shadwell Ben Nicholas Thomas Hyde-Hart Green 201 2.72 Not elected
Shadwell Des Ellerbeck Conservative 179 2.42 Not elected
Shadwell Dominic Robert Buxton Liberal Democrats 165 2.23 Not elected
Shadwell Daryl Martin Stafford Conservative 146 1.98 Not elected
Shadwell Graf Freda Liberal Democrats 143 1.94 Not elected
Shadwell Jonathan Richard Page Green 121 1.64 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Shad Uddin Chowdhury Labour 1704 27.78 Elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Leema Omar Qureshi Labour 1114 18.16 Elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Suluk Ahmed Aspire 785 12.80 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury Aspire 776 12.65 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Anwara Ali Conservative 276 4.50 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Maureen Childs Green 266 4.34 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Abdul Rob People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 263 4.29 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown William Henry Fletcher Conservative 215 3.51 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Oli Walker Green 201 3.28 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Linda Mary Packard Liberal Democrats 199 3.24 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Ferdy North Liberal Democrats 190 3.10 Not elected
Spitalfields & Banglatown Sumsul Talukder People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 145 2.36 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Ayas Miah Labour 2202 27.92 Elected
St Dunstan’s Dipa Das Labour 1750 22.19 Elected
St Dunstan’s Muhammad Zakaria Hussain People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 902 11.44 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Mahbub Alam Aspire 783 9.93 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Momina Begum Aspire 462 5.86 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Shahar Ali Imran People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 449 5.69 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Catherine Eleanor Mary Conway Green 315 3.99 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Lawrence Bernard Kay Conservative 241 3.06 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Ben Hancocks Green 237 3.00 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Helen Elizabeth Harris Liberal Democrats 228 2.89 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Dan Lambeth Conservative 193 2.45 Not elected
St Dunstan’s Frank Muldoon Liberal Democrats 126 1.60 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Denise Jones Labour 1279 19.66 Elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Abdal Ullah Labour 1033 15.88 Elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Kirsty Miranda Finlayson Conservative 956 14.70 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Marie Elizabeth Cahill Liberal Democrats 943 14.50 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Stephen John Ross O’Shea Liberal Democrats 816 12.54 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Neil Anthony King Conservative 794 12.21 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Robert Edward Crowston Green 336 5.17 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Masuma Begum People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 174 2.67 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun Aspire 140 2.15 Not elected
St Katharine’s & Wapping Altab Miah Aspire 34 0.52 Not elected
St Peter’s Kevin Joseph Brady Labour 2660 16.64 Elected
St Peter’s Tarik Ahmed Khan Labour 2483 15.53 Elected
St Peter’s Gabriela Salva Macallan Labour 2375 14.86 Elected
St Peter’s Muhammad Ansar Mustaquim Aspire 1034 6.47 Not elected
St Peter’s Abu Talha Chowdhury Aspire 954 5.97 Not elected
St Peter’s Muhammed Sulaman Alipir Aspire 822 5.14 Not elected
St Peter’s Akram Uddin Ahmed People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 781 4.89 Not elected
St Peter’s Alexandra Helen Britten Green 781 4.89 Not elected
St Peter’s Azizur Rahman Khan People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 726 4.54 Not elected
St Peter’s Abjol Miah People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 705 4.41 Not elected
St Peter’s Ciaran Alasdair Jebb Green 640 4.00 Not elected
St Peter’s Bethan Angharad Lant Green 437 2.73 Not elected
St Peter’s John David Macleod Griffiths Liberal Democrats 364 2.28 Not elected
St Peter’s Tilly Munro Liberal Democrats 298 1.86 Not elected
St Peter’s Susan Ann Field Conservative 296 1.85 Not elected
St Peter’s Arif Omer Erdogan Liberal Democrats 255 1.60 Not elected
St Peter’s Gregory William Paul Rodwell Conservative 198 1.24 Not elected
St Peter’s Zachary Joseph Spiro Conservative 176 1.10
Stepney Green Sabina Akhtar Labour 2105 29.71 Elected
Stepney Green Motin Uz-Zaman Labour 1515 21.38 Elected
Stepney Green Akhlaqur Rahman People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 836 11.80 Not elected
Stepney Green Ahbab Miah People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 620 8.75 Not elected
Stepney Green Oliur Rahman Aspire 496 7.00 Not elected
Stepney Green Kirsty Frances Chestnutt Green 316 4.46 Not elected
Stepney Green Habibur Rahman Aspire 303 4.28 Not elected
Stepney Green David Nolan Fell Conservative 223 3.15 Not elected
Stepney Green Tiffany Kate Trenner-Lyle Conservative 181 2.55 Not elected
Stepney Green George Lyle Green 178 2.51 Not elected
Stepney Green Ailbhe Elizabeth Rees Liberal Democrats 164 2.31 Not elected
Stepney Green Antony Peter Sanders Liberal Democrats 148 2.09 Not elected
Weavers Abdul Mukit Labour 1773 27.96 Elected
Weavers John Pierce Labour 1516 23.90 Elected
Weavers Mohammed Fazleh Elaahi Elaahi Aspire 533 8.40 Not elected
Weavers Mohammed Abul Hussain Aspire 517 8.15 Not elected
Weavers Andrew Scott Fernandez Green 342 5.39 Not elected
Weavers Chris Smith Green 316 4.98 Not elected
Weavers Ed Long Liberal Democrats 266 4.19 Not elected
Weavers Halima Begum Shopna People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 231 3.64 Not elected
Weavers Philip Christopher Baldwin Conservative 220 3.47 Not elected
Weavers Elliott Weaver Conservative 194 3.06 Not elected
Weavers Spencer Martin Stuart Wood Renew 154 2.43 Not elected
Weavers Taj Uddin People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 141 2.22 Not elected
Weavers Ify Okoli Liberal Democrats 139 2.19 Not elected
Whitechapel Faroque Mahfuz Ahmed Labour 1812 15.59 Elected
Whitechapel Shah Suhel Ameen Labour 1695 14.58 Elected
Whitechapel Victoria Ngozi Obaze Labour 1352 11.63 Elected
Whitechapel Shafi Uddin Ahmed People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 1255 10.80 Not elected
Whitechapel Aminur Rashid Khan People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 1128 9.71 Not elected
Whitechapel Muhammad Abul Asad People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets 1074 9.24 Not elected
Whitechapel Catherine Harris-Greenslade Green 414 3.56 Not elected
Whitechapel Nicola East Liberal Democrats 373 3.21 Not elected
Whitechapel Syed Shofor Ali Aspire 341 2.93 Not elected
Whitechapel Miles Christian Battye Green 324 2.79 Not elected
Whitechapel Jane Elizabeth Emmerson Conservative 312 2.68 Not elected
Whitechapel Syeda Eshrat Nasim Aspire 281 2.42 Not elected
Whitechapel Mark Peter Fletcher Conservative 274 2.36 Not elected
Whitechapel Emanuel Tomislav Andjelic Liberal Democrats 255 2.19 Not elected
Whitechapel Dipu Jaigirdar Aspire 253 2.18 Not elected
Whitechapel Noel Dube Conservative 242 2.08 Not elected
Whitechapel Stilpon Nestor Liberal Democrats 237 2.04 Not elected

You can see further details of the results on the Tower Hamlets council site here. 

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