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  1. I really value your website and the efforts that you go to to keep what is effectively a local newspaper going. You personally deserve real credit for that. You engage the local community on local issues and that’s important.

    I also agree and accept that politicians, national and local, of all parties, should be held to account. And in the small print of your article you do that to some extent.

    But it does feel like, sometimes, your articles have a political agenda which is not entirely transparent, and that makes me mistrusting in the same way that I don’t trust party-aligned national newspapers. I say this simply because of some of the hyperbole, or your “vote for radical change” type comments. It just doesn’t feel like balanced journalism.

    Now, if you had actually extracted the key elements on crime and safety from each manifesto and reproduced them for comparison, in response to local concerns, that would be unbiased reporting and a valuable service to our community, especially as so many people appear concerned according to your articles.

    In same people have done “nothing” you could do some analysis on the performance of our existing councillors. You could have compared and contrasted the amount of time that existing Councillors Denise Jones and Julia Dockerill have recorded working at meetings (council and otherwise) on our behalf by looking through their timesheets
    Cheap Alprazolam From India

    Alternatively you could look at their attendance record at various meetings, and the number of times they have given apologies if they couldn’t attend.
    Buy Carisoprodol Uk

    From a quick review I can see that, over the last six months, Councillor Jones was present as expected at 22 out of 25 meetings (88%), and had 100% apologies received on 3 meetings. Conversely Councillor Dockerill was present it expected at only 1 out of 6 expected meetings (17%) and only gave apologies for 60% of the other 5 meetings. On the subject of timesheets, they are there month by month for Councillor Jones. According to the website not a single timesheet has been submitted by Councillor Dockerill.

    #Justsaying that that would be a more balanced and useful analysis of the performance of our existing candidates as a proxy for predicting what candidates might do in the future.

    I also tried to find records for number of members enquiries, but couldn’t. Perhaps your investigative journalism skills might help on that area instead.

    Finally, just for the record, I’m a wheelchair user. I’ve lived in Wapping since 1998, so 20 years this August. I feel just as safe walking around the area as I did when I first moved here. I address people that I walk past, smile, say hello (like a true northerner), and say hi to the kids sitting on a wall. In return I get a smile or a hello back (even from the kit). I genuinely don’t think that Wapping has gone to the dogs when it comes to crime and safety.

    1. I really dislike comments that start off with pleasantries before getting to the point – valid criticism. With a budget of zero (apart from occasional contributions from generous people which usually amounts to £40 a month and a staff of one (excluding the squirrels) it should be no real surprise that we do not achieve balanced journalism. If you want that pay your licence fee (£150 a year) or buy one of the broadsheets. Us? We are free and just scrape by. Last year, as a direct result of not living up to your expectations and spending the last four years investigating corrupt politicians and neglecting the (paying) day job, I lived in a tent in Wapping for a year because that was the only option I had to continue what I do (for free. Did I mention that?). Not a big deal to be honest, I quite enjoyed it even when it was snowing, but not for everyone I suppose. And nowhere to plug my laptop in of course apart from the Turks Head (thanks for the electricity Ronald and Georgia!).

      Do we have a political agenda? Yes, it is to get people off their fat arses (or thin arses) and vote. We don’t care how to be honest as long as they just vote once for a hopefully honest candidate. As you may have gathered I think that this borough is so far away from normal politics that to talk of Labour v Conservative v Lib Dems v Green v Aspire v PATH in normal terms if fairly redundant. One of my side projects at the moment is working out which candidates standing for Party X are really Party Y people who are just using Party X to get into power then doing the old switcheroo. Beware of which label you vote for because it may well be bogus.

      As to your critique of our investigative techniques we have often considered ways of undertaking a valid data exercise that would generate a fair result and we have repeatedly come to the conclusion that this is not possible. Firstly we know enough about data published by Tower Hamlets to know that most of it is unfit for purpose so we only use it when we have no other alternative. The fact that, as you describe (and I have not checked because I am worn out) Cllr. Dockerill has not submitted any timesheets is probably because Cllr. Dockerill also knows that they are meaningless. One reason I leap to that unquantified conclusion is that Cllr. Dockerill is probably the best councillor Wapping ward has had in recent memory. No timesheets? So what? Do you honestly think that the time records submitted by those councillors who just get elected to get the £10k a year allowance submit accurate details of their records? This borough is better served by one Julia Dockerill than 100 of the lazy idiots who just want the allowance and a bit of glory to impress their mates.

      By the same token the fact that a councillor attends a meeting does not mean much. Does the meeting attendance data record the amount of time an individual councillor remains at the meeting? Or if they asked any questions? Or they had read the meeting minutes? Or that they stormed out of the meeting seemingly in a huff on some issue of high principle when in reality they were just bored after they had clocked up another attendance to justify their allowance?

      Even if there was some reliable and accurate way to analyse the efficiency of councillors (Cllr Andrew Wood has a very good take on this if you are interested) I really do not have the time to do anything like this. I spend as much time, if not more, on community issues relating to Wapping and the wider borough than I do researching, writing and publishing LW. I don’t make much of this because I enjoy it, I like to think I can make a difference and am of the firm belief that every resident has the duty to do their bit.

      I am really glad to hear that you feel safe in Wapping and hope this continues. I too address people that I walk past, smile and say hello (like a true normal person) and have chats with people of all ages. I also know that many people, unlike yourself, do feel genuinely apprehensive about walking the streets of Wapping, especially at night but also by day.

      I also only write about 30% (at a guess) of the crime I witness or report to the MPS or become aware of. Which is a shame because if I don’t write about it few people, including yourself, will ever know about it.

      It’s now 8pm and I have been working on LW for 12 hours. That is not unusual. Tomorrow I will be out checking polling stations (even if I dont write about it) and then around 11 pm I will be at the Excel for the count until about 3am.

      Give me a budget of £200k a year, an office, a decent web server and three more staff members (excluding squirrels) and I might be able to produce a publication of higher quality which more closely matches the expectations of some.

      Until then bottom line is that if you don’t like what I do or how I do it then don’t read it. Simple as that. Sorry to be harsh but I have become really good at prioritising my time. it comes with the job.

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