Met Police firearms team SCO 19 presentation Idea Store Whitechapel

Every wondered how the Metropolitan Police Firearms teams work? What are their rules of engagement? What weapons and equipment do they use to keep us safe? And how do they eat their lunch wearing those balaclava masks?

Well now is your chance to ask these questions and more as the Met Police SCO 19 Firearms team will be at the Idea Store at Whitechapel on Tuesday 12th June 6.30pm to tell you all about their work.

Officers from SCO 19 responding to terrorist threat in London after London Bridge attacks

This is a rare opportunity to ask questions about policing and the use of firearms so make the most of it!

The work of the MPS Firearms Unit is something that most of us never see first hand, but they are a constant presence on our streets.

London Bridge attacks stopped in eight minutes

The incredibly swift response of City of London and Metropolitan Police firearms team to the London Bridge attacks where all the terrorists were dead within eight minutes of police being alerted (yes eight minutes!) is testament to their professionalism.

Even for highly trained officers dealing with an attack such as that at London Bridge where they are plunged straight into a rapidly changing and confused situation and have to immediately fight the threat in a very confined urban environment is quite remarkable.

And of course because the SCO 19 officers provide armed patrols 24 x 7 allows most MPS officers to still not need to be armed as in many other countries.

So please do pop along to the Idea Store, Whitechapel, 321 Whitechapel Road, E1 1BU on Tuesday 12th June 6.30pm to find out more about what they do.

In other news LW is predicting zero crimes in Watney Market on the evening of 12th June.

But then we could be proved wrong.

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