King Henrys Wharf development – fox family chased from their home

Last night an alert resident spotted the fox family that lives in the waste ground in Brewhouse Lane opposite Phoenix Wharf being chased from their home by two men with a dog.

The Wapping Fox

This from Wapping resident James:

“A couple of guys in hi visibility jackets were on site at about 7pm. I then took our dog for a walk in the Wapping Rose Garden adjacent at 9pm and the two same guys had a dog and a flash light and then chased a family of foxes out of the bushes within the King Henrys Wharf fenced off area. I know for a fact a family of foxes live there and it looked liked they were being chased out on purpose with the dog they had when it turned dark.”

Top work by James.

LW has informed John Archer, the borough’s Biodiversity Officer, and asked his advice.

Although we understand the need for the foxes to be moved prior to the development taking place we hope that this has been done in the correct manner.

View of waste ground Brewhouse Lane, Wapping opposite King Henry’s Wharves. The fox family live (or lived) in the bushes.

To our knowledge the King Henry’s Wharf / Phoenix Wharf development is still awaiting planning permission so do not understand the need to remove the foxes now.

Rare sighting of a Wapping Rose Garden fox

Wapping is full of fantastic urban wildlife and we should always remember that they were here before us humans and will be here long after we are all gone.

We will protect our wildlife.

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