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  1. I don’t think I would want to knock on your door. I think I would avoid doing so . Terry

  2. Engagement isn’t measured by rallies. That’s just the tribe gathering. Thousands of engaged discussions take place throughout the political cycle. Of course it intensifies around election time – but it doesn’t stop. The Labour Party is out regularly (other parties are available and may act otherwise – indeed some don’t make it from one election to the next). Elections seem to occur annually so of course that is another reason why it seems to be closely tied to the electoral cycle. However, the biggest reason is well known to anyone who has done doorknocking (Terry has stood in at least two elections in my area and I’ve never seen him at my door) is that at best 1 in 8 of doors are opened when we knock. We pick up and address all sorts of case work in this way – Terry may be overlooking this vital point – and people even engage so much that the choose to join the party. Not a lot, but that does happen.

    Engagement is better done by going to where people are, rather than arrogantly expecting people to come and see you. There is a place for “town hall meetings”, but probably not in campaign periods.

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