Photo shows reality of crack junkies plaguing Shadwell’s Glamis Estate

Glamis Estate residents are meeting with Shadwell Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and Councillor Rabina Khan this evening to work out some way to tackle the increase in crime in the area.

This photograph is of some poor soul who one resident of Cable Street found outside their front door squatting in a pool of stale urine on top of their newspaper which had just been delivered.

This from the resident:

“We need to do something the design of these doorways as they provide a perfect shelter for Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB).

This woman is now plaguing me by pressing on the buzzer and threatening me.

The woman in question took our address from the delivered newspaper, then spent a while buzzing abuse through our intercom until we turned it off.

She rooted through her bag to find something to threaten my partner with, and produced a crack pipe.

I was propositioned by a prostitute last week on Devonport Street, just 2 minutes from my front door in broad daylight at around 5 pm. I was offered a massage or a blowjob.

What is this area becoming?”

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