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  1. I actually believe Ohid is the main challenger to Biggs, Rabina is not strong in any local ward. I understand your hatred towards Lutfur Rahman, but manifesting it towards Ohid is a little petty.

    It will be a tight race this time round between Ohid and John with Aspire winning a large chunk of the councils seats (on top of what they already have) which will indeed compliment the mayoral vote. John winning the mayoralty (due to the divide) regaining his seat with around 22/23 councillors, Ohid coming second with around 16/17 councillors, Anawara coming third with around 6/7k votes with probably 5 councillors and Rabina coming forth with around 3/4k votes and 2 councillors (herself and another in whitechapel) labour will dominate the other 4 seats her party currently occupy. I doubt the liberals, greens or tusc will come back withy any councillors.

    I find it hard to believe on what basis you tend to think Rabina is winning? Its pretty much similar to saying the SNP will take control in the next general election? Its may be a over anticipated day dream but no where near reality lol. Ive been speaking to people across the borough (as i am a mechanic) who either tell me they are fed up of labour and are voting Ohid Ahmed because they like what he says on his leaflet and his local candidates are good or that they are voting Labour because Jeremy corbyn is the leader and John winning will make jez stronger. I never hear anything about Rabina Khan and if i do its a bengali uncle having a dig for dividing the votes.

    Whatever happens I just hope someone with their heads screwed on wins to change Tower Hamlets like Lutfur Rahman did or good luck to us.

  2. Sorry Mark, much as I love you, I think the statement that we offered no opposition to Luthfer 2010 – 2014 is quite incorrect. I spent hours in Council with my comrade challenging Luthfer

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