SKD & Wapping election candidate – Marie Cahill, Lib Dems

What’s your name?

Marie Cahill

Marie Cahill, Lib Dems

What do you do for a living?

Private Chef – Cordon Bleu trained

Where do you live?

Wapping High Street

What is your involvement with the SKD & Wapping community?

Having lived in Wapping for over 25 years and also worked in borough throughout this time I believe I’ve earned yet another descriptive of being a Wappingite!

Having had a successful career predominately in Financial Services (trading and regulatory), I’ve also had the flexibility in time to work and advocate on behalf of local people who were victims of crime – particularly street crime and homophobic crime and supported the Youth Offending Team (YOT) working with young local offenders to appreciate the impact of their actions. More recently I’ve set up my own private chef business catering for local dinner parties and events and am about to embark on a joint venture with a local cafe (no names but it is within a stone’s throw of my home) to bring good French cuisine to Wapping i.e. making it accessible to all of the community.

Why should we vote for you? What difference will you make to SKD & Wapping?

I’m clearly local and as such want the best for my home area – having seen it develop from a quiet riverside location to a enviable global location to live and work in – but as with all areas going through growth and transformation St Kats and Wapping has to contend with it’s fair share of ASB & Crime, I’ve been on the receiving end of to this too.

My background and career to date gives me a knowledge base from which I can draw on (and have been) to provide Lib Dem support via case work to residents e.g. liaising with local support agencies and Police services.

With the scandals of recent years and continued cuts to local services I firmly believe that a vote for Lib Dems is a vote for change not only to Tower Hamlets politics but also the decision making process that have contributed to the increase ASB & Crime, and the other issues we want to fix (Homes, Brexit, Recycling, Community & Green Spaces).

Tower Hamlets has some of the worst child poverty in Europe. How would you and your party tackle it?

It’s unthinkable that this Borough – which accommodates some of the headquarters of the wealthiest businesses in the world – can have some of the worst child poverty in Europe.

Child poverty can feed into longer lasting social issues and the first driver to address this problem must be a review of our current housing policy – a direct driver of poverty – where “affordable housing” appears to be acceptable along with a price tag of £600K.

In addition, decisions to cut children’s services, youth sports, women’s refuges and children’s centres are creating an unacceptable shortfall and corresponding impact on families that I’ve seen first hand and I will endeavour work to reverse these decisions, and push for a Borough that supports all generations of our families.

What’s the best thing about SKD & Wapping?

I’m not sure if there’s one best thing so here’s my list – narrow streets steeped in history, leafy gardens and riverside walks, our great and varied pubs/bars/restaurants, access to virtually anywhere central within 25 mins, beautiful warehouse buildings brought back to life giving life and character to our streets but most of all a place intimate enough so that everyone says hello and is always a great pleasure to come home to. I completed the ARC Transatlantic yacht race in 2012 so being next to the Thames and St. Katherine’s marina is ideal.

Brexit: How did you vote?


Squirrel preferences: which are best?

Grey squirrels

Favourite musical and why?

Lion King – jawdropping creativity

Favourite childhood toy?

My first doll Anna and then my lovely yellow coloured bike (painted by my Dad)!

What superpower would you like to have?

To be able to cure illnesses and if I’m allowed a second – to be able to read people’s minds…

Email contact?

Public internet profile

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