Reardon House attack – no excuses for silence

There is no news of any progress with the investigation into the attack on Aspire party candidate Abduallah Al Mamun last week at Reardon House, Wapping.

We have contacted New Scotland Yard and Tower Hamlets police for formal statements and will publish them when received.

Anyone with information concerning the attack needs to call police on 101 quoting reference CAD 5813/6April or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

LW Comment

The gravity of the assault on Abduallah Al Mamun cannot be overstated.

It is a common assumption that because Mr Mamun was canvassing when person or persons unknown hit him over the head with a blunt object and split his scalp open that political rivalry must be involved.

This might be correct – or it might not. The police can only work on facts and evidence provided by witnesses, not rumour and speculation.

If the attack was not related to the current elections it does not reduce the serious nature of the assault or the trauma caused to Mr Mamun.

If there is a direct link between politics and violence of this nature then all politicians, candidates and supporters in the borough need to pause and reflect.

Altab Ali

Altab Ali

In Whitechapel there is a park named after a young man murdered by racist thugs on 4th May 1978 on his way home from work purely because of the colour of his skin.

His name was Altab Ali.

The severity of the injury to Abduallah Al Mamun indicates that with a little more force or the blow being dealt from a slightly different angle Mr. Mamun could have been killed.

Fortunately he survived and, we hope, is swiftly recovering.

A murder motivated by race is the most heinous of crimes. Any assault motivated by political differences, as this attack may have been, is also extremely grave.

Racist or political crimes have no place here.

Tower Hamlets has not spent the last few years clawing its way back to some semblance of normality only to be thrown back into the swamp again because of this sort of behaviour.

If this case goes unsolved for any length of time that is a distinct reality.

Know something? Then tell the police

Anyone who has any information about what really happened needs to stand up and tell the police what they know. Theories and names continue to circulate on WhatsApp groups. We will not be publishing any of these rumours.

Reality is that if truthful information remains within closed social media channels it is of no use to the police officers who are trying to find out what happened and bring those responsible to justice.

Residents of Wapping have a particular duty to help the police. This took attack took place where we live. In the community where normally all residents have to worry about is ASB and the occasional idiot speeding in his car.

LW will pursue this case with the same focus, determination and attention to detail that we have used to investigate corruption and wrongdoing in the borough.

So if any individual or any group involved in the incident at Reardon House thinks that if they stay quiet it will all fade away they are very wrong indeed.

If those responsible read this then you need to give yourself up immediately. Justice will eventually catch up with you.

There will not be another Altab Ali park in Tower Hamlets.

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