Reardon House – fresh appeal for witnesses to Abduallah Al Mamun attack

New Scotland Yard has issued an appeal for witnesses to the recent attack on Aspire candidate Abduallah Al Mamun in Reardon House, Wapping.

LW was pleased to see this as the MPS had not responded to our request for an update on the status of the enquiry that we submitted on 13th April.

Odd that, innit?

The MPS statement – which we got via the general MPS news press list, not specifically to LW – acknowledges that the assault may have been politically motivated:

“While work continues to establish the motive for this assault, we do know that at the time he was attacked, the victim had been canvassing ahead of the local election.”

The full appeal statement can be seen below.

Anyone with information concerning this attack is requested to call Tower Hamlets CID on 101 quoting reference CAD 5813/6April or via Twitter @MetCC. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

MPS appeal for witnesses

“Officers were called at around 17:30hrs on Friday, 6 April to reports of the assault in Reardon House, Reardon Street, E1.

The victim, a man aged in his 30s, was distributing leaflets to residences in Reardon House ahead of the upcoming local elections.

As he was on the third floor of the block, he was rushed by the suspect and struck over the head with what is thought to have been a metal pole.

The victim suffered a head injury and was taken to hospital for treatment – he received ten stitches to his head wound before being discharged.

The suspect is described as a man, around 6ft tall and wearing dark clothing including a black mask.

Acting Detective Sergeant Tomasz Patzer of Tower Hamlets CID leads the investigation. He said:

“I would appeal to anyone who was in the vicinity of Reardon House on the evening of Friday 6 April and can provide information to assist with this investigation to contact police.

“While work continues to establish the motive for this assault, we do know that at the time he was attacked, the victim had been canvassing ahead of the local election.

“Whether this was the reason for the assault is not known but this was a violent incident and I am keen to hear from anyone who can help catch the attacker.”

There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.

LW Comment

The MPS statement finally breaks the silence surrounding the assault on Abduallah Al Mamun at Reardon House.

The police are very restricted in what they can include in a public statement while an enquiry is still on-going.

Reardon House, Reardon Street, Wapping

We still find it troubling that our requests to the authorities for more information on the status of this enquiry have not been met.

And we cannot help but wonder why that it is? Previous experience of being ignored leads us to believe it is usually in the hope we will go away.


The Bangladeshi community in Tower Hamlets is not going away. Neither is Love Wapping.

It would be a mistake for anyone in authority to think that the assault on Abduallah Al Mamun is no longer an issue.

It is a major issue and will not be put to one side.

The elections on 3rd May quite rightly puts Tower Hamlets under intense pressure to get an election done right.

Stitches in scalp of Abduallah Al Mamun after attack

A candidate for local councillor being smashed over the head with a scaffolding pole while out canvassing in Wapping does not fit into the desired narrative.

Tough. A serious crime has been committed and there is a political aspect to the assault which cannot be ignored.

LW has been told in some detail what happened at Reardon House. Some people have made the mistake of lying to us in the hope that they could put us off the scent.

That didn’t work very well did it?

We have been told motive, circumstances, why the assault took place at that specific location and the identities of those involved from multiple sources.

Our local knowledge of the Wapping community and its politics reinforces the credibility of this information.

But what we have is hearsay.   We did not witness anything at the time.

We do know that we were the subject of a deliberate attempt to play down the circumstances surrounding the assault after the fact.

Another troubling aspect of the Reardon House assault is the lack of public condemnation by some. More on this soon.

Where’s that video?

We understand that someone shot a video outside Reardon House of events either before or after the assault on Abduallah Al Mamun.

LW has not seen this video but would like to. If you took the video please get in touch via and, if possible, we will publish it here.

Blind justice

LW has no knowledge of who has made statements to the police about what they saw and hear.

We think there is the possibility that some witnesses have not come forward as yet. These people need to do so today.

The person or persons guilty of the Reardon House assault will be found and hopefully arrested and charged.

If this happens while election campaigning takes place then so be it. That’s just the way it is.

Justice has to be blind.

Could the full circumstances of this assault sway the election result both at a ward level and borough-wide ? Very probably. Elections are like that – they reflect the wishes of the people.

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