Fight knife crime: join the Shadwell police community knife sweep

Shadwell Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) are holding a community weapons sweep in St George’s Gardens on Tuesday 24th April 2018 and everyone in Shadwell and Wapping is invited.

Photo of twin bladed weapon seized by Met's newly created Violent Crime Taskforce
Twin bladed weapon seized by Met’s newly created Violent Crime Taskforce

Find a knife, save a life

PC Kate Osborne of Shadwell SNT is encouraging everyone to come together as a community and work with the police take weapons off the streets and save lives.

Police officers will give everyone a safety briefing, and then police and residents will search the park together. The council’s youth outreach team will also be coming along.

Previous events like this have recovered weapons which have been seized by police so let’s hope we find more.

Photo of 'Zombie' style knife
‘Zombie’ style knife – there is only one reason for possessing one of these.

St George’s Gardens, Shadwell, E1


If you are new to the area St George’s Gardens is north of Wapping Lane, just over The Highway.

It’s a beautiful park with the famous Cable Street mural at it’s northern entrance but is unfortunately often infested by criminals and other undesirables.

They are unlikely to be there when it is swamped by police and residents on Tuesday of course!

The community weapons sweep is open to all residents of Shadwell (and Wapping)!

Date and time of community weapons sweep

Date: Tuesday 24th April 2018

Time: 12:00 hours

Location: St George’s Gardens, between Cable Street and the Highway, E1

The Wapping Mole intends to be there as he likes nothing better than searching for things, although being a mole he will probably be burrowing underground so mind those bumps in the grass please!

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