Community fight back against Lutfur Rahman? Mystery video emerges

A video with a clear anti-Rahman message is being circulated on social media channels across Tower Hamlets. The source of the video is unknown but the sentiment is clear – it is time for Lutfur Rahman to move on.

Public interest

LW first became aware of this video several days ago via a link to a Facebook post that was emailed to us but has delayed publishing it until we managed to trace its origin.

We still have no definitive answer but by checking with multiple sources we believe that the video is genuine.

LW has published it as we consider there is a significant public interest in it’s message being available to all sections of the Tower Hamlets electorate.

None of the professionally produced video’s content is new – but the probable source of the video is highly significant.

‘Standing up to Corruption’

It seems the video was produced by a group of young members of the Bangladeshi community (both male and female) who have come together to make a stand against the corrupt politics that blights our borough.

One source we spoke to who declined to be identified said that this group is “an organisation called Standing up to Corruption. They have just had enough and this is their message we want [him] gone now.”

Final frame of video

LW Comment

It is no surprise that mystery surrounds the origin of this video as political dissent is firmly discouraged by some in Tower Hamlets.

That the video seems to have been created by younger generation Bangladeshis actively taking a stand against the disgraced ex-Mayor is highly significant.

Support for Lutfur Rahman has been waning since the result of the electoral petition and his dismissal from office.

The ‘Standing up to Corruption’ video could be a seminal moment in the fight against political corruption in our borough as it seems that more and more young Bangladeshi’s see Lutfur Rahman as an irrelevance.

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6 thoughts on “Community fight back against Lutfur Rahman? Mystery video emerges

  1. Hey Mark – love your work. Keep it up. Do you know where I can find a list of candidates standing for “Aspire” and “PATH” – particularly interested for Spit&Bang ward

    1. Thanks! Can’t help at the moment, for some odd reason Aspire have been particularly secretive about their candidates. I am hoping to publish a full list of all candidates for all wards next week, will have to wait for the official Publication of Statement of Persons Nominated which should be available at 4:00 pm on Monday 9 April. See link below for all key election dates:

    1. Well firstly it is not our video. Second any positive contributions that Lutfur Rahman and his colleagues have made to Tower Hamlets are dwarfed by the immense amount of harm they have caused, often to the very community they pretend to loyally represent.

      To be fair Tower Hamlet First – or the Aspire party as it is now known – have provided a lot of journalists with some amazing stories, Lutfur did keep a chauffeur employed during his tenure and their activities are now keeping a dedicated group of New Scotland Yard detectives very busy indeed.

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