Another Wapping Lock In Sunday 22nd April for London Marathon

Guess what? Next Sunday 22nd April Wapping will be locked in for the Virgin Money London Marathon!

“God bless all experiential marketing events!” said Tiny Tim.

Yay! Or not, depending on your view.

As we all know from the rolling cluster f**k that was the Great Big Half Baked Marathon it is politically incorrect to point out that any charity event of any type anywhere might be a real pain in the arse for people so we will not go there.

Bless the Marathon.

It’s a wonderful thing, somewhere between a triumph of experiential marketing and a really, really popular religion which raises vast sums of money for charity every year.

Party on The Highway!

But seriously folks the London Marathon generates a fantastic party spirit and we recommend you wander up to the top of Wapping Lane and soak up the atmosphere from there. It’s a really great morning and you might also get to see London’s smallest fire engine.

A deck chair or two, some friends and a picnic and that is your Sunday sorted and you don’t even have to leave Wapping. Which is kind of handy ‘cos you can’t.

Anyway we have spent a happy couple of hours photographing signs and barriers just for you.

Yes – you! Nobody else, just you. Generous, huh?

Sign on The Highway

Useful Internet Links

You can see a map of the route below plus the official blurb from the Virgin Money London Marathon people.

Official map of London Marathon route lock in (Click for larger image)

Wapping Lock In – Official Information

Residents of Wapping are affected by the route as it passes along The Highway between miles 13 to 14 and again on the opposite carriageway between miles 21 to 22.

Free local parking is available for Wapping residents at Bishop Challoner School, from 16:00 on Saturday 21 April until 16:00 on Sunday 22 April.

Access to the School is via Commercial Road and Steel’s Lane. Residents can leave their cars securely parked and can return on foot at any time.

Parked vehicles should exit the area northbound via Commercial Road, which is open eastbound and westbound.

A vehicle crossing point will operate at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road during the road closure period, allowing entry and exit north and south.

Residents are advised that vehicles will NOT be able to cross while there are runners on both carriageways of The Highway (between approximately 09:45-14:30 on Sunday 22 April).

Residents on foot are also advised to use the pedestrian subway at the junction of The Highway and Glamis Road.

Park your car on the street in Limehouse? Read the leaflet!

Completely superfluous photos of metal barriers

Oooooh! Barriers! Lots of them! Everywhere.


Even more barriers! All lined up and ready to, err.., be lined up.

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