Twitter threat to Wapping Mole by @A_I_Express reported to police

Twitter user @A_I_Express has been reported to the Met Police by LW after posting a tweet reading “Why dont u identify yourself and i will come find you and then we see who is gutless and spineless, you racist mole “ online.

That’s not very polite is it?

The tweet was sent as part of an exchange between @LoveWapping and @A_I_Express subsequent to our post about Cllr. Oliur Rahman enjoying some quality me time at his local bookmakers.

@A_I_Express is of the opinion that the reason LW published this story was because of Cllr. Oliur Rahman’s ethnicity.

How predictable. And how wrong.

It’s a tough life being a mole

And how predictable was the subsequent threat to poor little Wapping Moley. Mole’s have it hard at times.

Some people seem to think that any behaviour is tolerable online and that they will not be caught.

Wrong on both counts.

The law applies everywhere and while this particular tweet is not necessarily the worst Love Wapping has been sent (we were deluged with hate tweets in the 2014 council elections) the intent and sentiment is clear.

And we are not intimidated. (In terms of the threats and abuse directed at LW in the last four years of covering corruption in Tower Hamlets this tweet is probably a 3 out of 10.)

Shiny and new

As soon as we saw the tweet in question we made a screen grab of it (just in case @A_I_Express might delete it) and then reported this to the Met police using their shiny new online reporting tool.

This was quite straightforward to do and makes life a little easier for the police which is always good.

Using the new Met police online reporting tool is quite simple.

If you have been the subject of threats or abuse online you need to report it to the police – it is no different from being the victim of a burglary or having your car nicked.

Doing something right

As for identifying ourselves @A_I_Expres will find our name (Mark Baynes) at the top of this and the other 1,000 + stories we have published on LW.

So if you do want to come and find us this should make your task a little easier.

In case @A_I_Express should read this you might like to know that the story about Oliur Rahman’s trip to Corals has proved the most popular story on LW this year.

So we must be doing something right.

Update: 16.20 hrs

Seems that @A_I_Express has now become @expr3ssing (Opinion & Thoughts) with a suitably thoughtful new profile:

Nothing like this person’s previous profile.

And with a new more considered tweet for Moley.

If @expr3ssing does not know if the previous tweet by @A_I_Express was a threat then I guess we are all stumped.


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