Bamber, Dalvi, Halsey meet Rabina Khan for lunch

A person believed to be Cllr. Rabina Khan has been photographed meeting with senior ex-Tower Hamlets officers Andy Bamber and Stephen Halsey.

It is claimed – but not confirmed – that ex Head of Place at Tower Hamlets Council, Aman Dalvi, was also at the lunch meeting at Paul, Canary Wharf, but left shortly before the photograph was taken.

You can see the original post and full story here at Over the table, under the table or at the table? on the Thinking The Ray Way blog.

LW does not know the identity of the Ray Way’s author.

We have reached out to Cllr. Rabina Khan for comment but had not received a reply at the time of publication.


Statement from Rabina Khan 13:55 Saturday 10th March

“Yes I did meet them for coffee following my [serious car] accident to see how I was. A number of people contacted me out of concern. I don’t like secret meetings and so I met them in a public place.

When Max Caller was a commissioner I also met him for coffee in a public place. I am interested though who the blog is been run by as I reported this blog to [the MPS] Special Enquires Team.

You run a blog and are open about this as is Ted Jeory so why does Ray Way hide behind this name?”

Good point Rabina.

Lunch guests profiles

Rabina Khan

Cllr. Khan is the current Tower Hamlets councillor for Shadwell Ward and the mayoral candidate for the People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH) party.

Andy Bamber

Andy Bamber was directly responsible for Tower Hamlets Council Youth Services from 1 October 2012 when it was transferred to CLC [Communities Localities & Cultural Services] from the Children’s Directorate following the retirement of the Service Head for Youth and Community Learning.

Just prior to leaving Tower Hamlets Council Mr Bamber was Service Head Safer Communities, Crime Reduction Services, Communities, Localities and Culture.

Mr Bamber was the officer in charge of all things Youth Service during the time that the alleged offences took place under Lutfur Rahman

Original photograph taken outside Paul Canary Wharf

Stephen Halsey

Mr Halsey had a variety of roles during his nine years employment at Tower Hamlets Council, particularly during the Lutfur Rahman administration.

He held the post of Corporate Director of Communities Localities & Culture (CLC) Directorate when he left the Council in June 2016 at the height of the investigations into the activities of Youth Services as LW reported at the time.

Mr Halsey is also credited with steering Tower Hamlets Council through the troubled times of the Rahman administration.

Tower Hamlets Youth Services – management structure (Click for larger image)

Aman Dalvi OBE

Until recently Mr Dalvi was Head of Place at Tower Hamlets Council as well as holding other positions and since September 2017 has been Chair of the Board of Homes for Haringey.

This is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO)that was set up in April 2006 to manage Haringey’s council housing. It manages around 16,000 tenanted and 4,500 leasehold properties.

Mr Dalvi came to public notice when it was revealed that in the financial year 2012/13 he received over £256,000 from Tower Hamlets Council, £115,000 of this amount being paid to him after he took his employer to an employment tribunal (see below).

Thanks to the eagle-eyed resident who pointed out that Aman is also now Director of Strategic Business at Henley Homes. 

£90k for feeling a little miffed

If either of our regular readers who does not know the full story of how Aman Dalvi managed to get £250,000 out of the Council in one year we bring you an extra long entry in the “Rotten Boroughs” section of the venerable publication Private Eye magazine (on sale at all good supermarkets and other places that sell it for a bargain £2!).

It is rare indeed for the Eye to devote so many column inches to one senior council officer but after reading this account we are sure you will realise why Aman Dalvi was worth it.

Aman Dalvi in “Rotten Boroughs”, Private Eye (Click for larger image)

Reason for lunch meeting unknown

Although the original story on the Thinking The Ray Way blog puts forward many reasons for this meeting between someone who may well be the next Mayor of Tower Hamlets and three ex-officers of the Council we have no idea what the reason was.

LW has no reason to believe that anything untoward was taking place.

When we get a response from Cllr. Khan – or Messrs. Bamber, Dalvi and Halsey – we will let you know.

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LW Comment

Moley’s whiskers were twitching with jealousy this morning when he was told about this lunch date.

Why wasn’t he asked he wondered? He often burrows around Canary Wharf although finds the deep foundations of the tall buildings a bother.

Very interesting story by the author of the Thinking The Ray Way blog.

Coffee sometime?

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