Dramatic video shows moment of Vaughan Way car crash

Sam and Matt Melbye, owners of EA2 estate agents,  have had both their cars written off in a crash – for the second time.

In October 2016 two BMWs belonging to the Wapping couple were destroyed by boy racers in a collision outside EA2 in Wapping High Street. Yesterday the same thing happened again.

Two BMWs written off – again.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the driver of a car losing control as it attempts to turn right into Vaughan Way at its junction with Wapping High Street.

The vehicle, believed to be a hire car,  then skids across the road, turns through 180 degrees and smashes into the two white BMWs parked opposite Cherry Duck Studios before the occupants flee the scene.

Many thanks to James Vellacott, managing director of Cherry Duck, for allowing LW to use his images.

February 2017


October 2016



Police and other emergency services were quickly on the seen and the occupants of the hire car are now being sought.

LW Comment

Sam and Matt Melbye are well known Wapping residents who have worked hard to create the EA2 estate agency.

For the second time in two years, through no fault of their own, they have seen the vehicles they depend on for work destroyed by idiots driving cars at speed.

The fact that Sam and Matt cannot park their cars outside their own business safely is proof that the streets of Wapping remain unsafe and that further work is needed to be done by the police and Council to change this.

Where on earth are they supposed to park their cars? Rotherhithe?

The reaction to yesterday’s incident was one of ‘at least nobody was injured’ but it is now just a matter of time before someone is killed by a speeding car being driven recklessly in Wapping.

Maybe then something will be done.

Any volunteers to be the person to die?


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