Wapping police Safer Neighbourhood Team at Waitrose today

Wapping police Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) now has a regular contact point at Waitrose St Katharine Docks and you can meet them there this morning between 10 and 11 am.


The SNT will also be at Waitrose on these dates:

  • Saturday 27/01/2018 – Have a say Day – between 18:00 and 19:00
  • Tuesday 30/01/2018 – Drop in Surgery – between 18:00 and 19:00
  • Wednesday 07/02/2018 – Drop in Surgery – between 16:00 and 17:00

At the Contact Point you can:

  • Report a crime
  • Obtain crime prevention advice or advice on other police related matters
  • Discuss community concerns
  • Make an appointment to speak to a local officer
  • Make an appointment to give a statement

Ideal for shoplifters to meet the police

Somehow this cracker of a tweet passed us by…

Moley has noticed a distinct increase in SNT patrolling our streets recently as the Met increases resourcing for local policing.

Shift to digital contact points for police

This is in part due to the closures of some police stations being open to the public. Tower Hamlets police say that at 22 of its current front counters staffed by Public Access Officers (PAO’s) one or less crime reports were made a day.

Front counters open to the public have been closed at Limehouse police station which is now full of firearms officers (note to criminals – stay well clear) and at Brick Lane police station.

In other news there is a police station in Brick Lane.

The reality is that 70 percent of crimes are reported on the phone and of these three-quarters are to the non-emergency number 101, launched in 2011.

5,000 Twitter enquiries have been dealt with by MetCC, which includes serious crime, since the unpublicised launch of Digital 101 in July 2016.

300 online crime reports and 350 online enquiries are dealt with by MetCC daily. The demand for reporting crime and engaging with police digitally is expected to increase.

LW Comment

There was much self-righteous outrage by various political parties when the Met police announced the closure of front counters in some police stations.

This indignation was more to do with trying to win votes than facing reality. That reality is that in 2018 people very rarely visit a police station to report a crime or get help with an issue.

In a previous career LW spent every day driving from one police station to another and has visited virtually every police station and building in the Met police area.

It was only when it was announced that the public counter at Brick Lane police station was announced that we knew there is a police station in Brick Lane. Seriously. Any officer sentenced staffing the front desk could only look forward to dealing with one or two people visiting to report pickpocketing during their entire shift.

At a time when police forces are subject to savage cuts imposed by central Government all the Met is doing is facing reality.

The few police officers that remain to protect us are much more accessible when at a local supermarket than inside a remote police building.

So pop along to Waitrose this morning and say hi to our SNT. Unless you are shoplifting.



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