Reardon House & Lowder House – proposed infill build of new homes

The Council is proposing to build new homes on the Reardon House / Lowder House children’s playground, Lowder House car park and Lowder House garages.

Building on spare space on existing estates or roads (typically end of terraces) is known as ‘infill’.

This is in response to the current housing crisis that affects every London borough but particularly Tower Hamlets which has over 18,000 households on its housing register.

Detail of map showing location of council new build homes (Wapping Lane runs north to south on right)

The letter giving the background to this proposal was sent to LW by a local resident. Thanks!

Council letter.

Consultation events will be held on Monday 29th January 2018 between 2pm and 7pm and Saturday 3rd February 2018 between 10am and 1pm at Wapping Children’s Centre, 15 Chandler Street, Wapping, E1W 2QL.

Any questions can be emailed to

Map showing location of council new build homes

LW Comment

The housing crisis in the borough is acute and it makes sense for the Council to seek out available spaces to build more homes (as long as they don’t get bought by overseas investors of course).

Several Wapping residents have said that building in the locations outlined above is not a sensible choice. They put it more bluntly than that, their comments usually starting with “What the f**** is going on…. <insert barely supressed rage here>”.

The Wapping Mole burrows all over Tower Hamlets and he has often noticed the very large unused space along Castor Lane (next to West India Dock Road) next to Poplar DLR.

Castor Lane, Poplar

Here are some photos of Castor Lane.

Castor Lane view west from Poplar DLR
Castor Lane view west from Poplar DLR
Castor Lane view east towards Poplar DLR and DLR depot
One car parked under the DLR in Castor Lane. A good use of space?
Castor Lane view west from Poplar DLR
Castor Lane view east towards Poplar DLR
Space under DLR. Perfect for a new build home? No. Possibly good for temporary buildings for the homeless? Yes.

Now it might be that this land is not owned by the Council.

But it is a big bit of land.

Has the Council looked at large areas of empty space like this before proposing to cram in new builds next to Lowder House and wiping out a playground too?

Who knows.


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