New property development at Brewhouse Lane Wapping

Wapping residents have discovered yet another property development at Brewhouse Lane overlooking Wapping Rose Gardens, one of the most precious green spaces in our community.

Diagram showing the proximity of the Brewhouse Lane development to the existing King Henry /Phoenix Wharf / Bridewell Place development.


The letter is from Cunnane Town Planning the company that is the public face of the adjoining development at King Henry’s Wharf’s / Phoenix Wharf /Bridewell Lane which is owned by Bridewell Thames Ltd.

You can download a PDF of the letter sent to residents here.  Just in case you have not got one. Somehow.

Public exhibition 15th November

There is a public exhibition about the Brewhouse Lane development on 15th November 2017 between 2pm and 8pm in the Churchill Room at Tobacco Dock.

The Brewhouse Lane scheme is for twenty-four residential units including eight affordable units in two blocks on the currently disused land between Wapping Rose Gardens and Bridewell Place. The current occupants of the land are some of the Wapping foxes.

Extract from letter from Cunnane Town Planning

Who owns what?

What is difficult to work out is the relationship between this new development at Brewhouse Lane and the existing development application at King Henry / Phoenix / Bridewell Place which threatens to bring Wapping to a complete halt for two years due to the ridiculous access plan proposed by the developers.

LW has asked Cunnane Town Planning about this issue and we will publish their reply when we get it.

Artists impression of Bridewell Place development from Cunnane Town Planning letter.


LW Comment

Looking at the artists impression above the question mark is the building in the centre. Is this a new building as part of the new Brewhouse Lane development or is this a replacement building in the existing Bridewell Thames development? We don’t know.

What we do know is that Brewhouse Lane is very, very narrow.

So how will the developers – whoever they are – get access to the new development?

The issue about the current proposed management access plan for King Henry’s Wharves is still not settled, so how will this new development affect the existing proposal?

LW does not know but, with the help of residents like Chris, Simon and Alyson we will find out. Thanks all.

For the moment let’s make sure there is a good attendance at the public exhibition 15th November 2017 between 2pm and 8pm in the Churchill Room at Tobacco Dock.

See you there!





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