Tipper trucks using Wapping Wall as rat run – photos please!

Traffic congestion is another growing problem in Wapping and we are very grateful to Sally, a Wapping Resident for 23 years, who has written this guest post on the issue.

Cllr. Julia Dockerill has also been on the case with HGVs and coaches using and abusing Wapping’s narrow streets for quite a while.

Tweet and video courtesy What’s in Wapping.

With the return of the schools, The Highway is even more congested and we are seeing tipper trucks, mainly on their way to collecting spoil from CrossRail using Glamis Road, Wapping Wall and Wapping High Street as a rat run. This has three immediate violations that I am aware of:

  1. Trucks of this size are not permitted to use our lovely bascule bridges which have a weight limit of 7.5 tons. Even unloaded (as they are coming in from Glamis) they weigh 12.5 tons unladen.
  2. Trucks of this size are not allowed on minor roads before 7am in the morning, unless for access, which clearly this is not. Indeed, the Highways map shows they should be on the A13 not even on the Highway. They start coming through at 6:30am.
  3. Fully loaded trucks carrying Limestone (PrimaGrange in this instance) are also using this route which means they are coming over our Bascule Bridges with a 32 ton laden weight.


A very large tipper truck of the size that is using Wapping as a rat run

Then we have the following issues:

They wake me and all of Wapping Wall/ Wapping High Street up, when the first ones come through around 6.30am – and they continue all morning to do so! As they are unladen they bounce about all over the cobbles.

A lot come through during the morning school run whereGlamis Road, Wapping Wall and Wapping High Street are particularly busy with parents and very young children going to St Peters school. [Video of this taken by Sally below]

Trucks destroying our cobbled streets

The tipper trucks are ruining our cobbled streets, the sets have just had to be reset along Wapping High Street, as well as causing traffic chaos particularly for the buses.

Nearly all the vehicles have taken off incriminating signage on the cab so the offending companies are not easily identified (only PrimaGrange seem to still identify themselves)

They never stick to the 20-mph speed limit unless held up by other traffic. The drivers are paid on piece work, so the standard/speed of driving is generally dangerous.

Photos of trucks please!

What I am requesting is some sort of photo gathering session taken of these trucks coming in down Glamis and over the Bascule Bridge on a number of days in any one week. I am happy to participate in this exercise if that would help?

Could I ask all Wapping Residents to take pictures of these offending vehicles on their journeys through Wapping and share them with Love Wapping through Facebook, Twitter or email and or to the Safer Neighbourhood WhatsApp, with the time and place noted.

We can then collate them and to send them into the man responsible at the council for managing our roads.

Hopefully that will get the council to bring down their own mobile CCTV cameras and then charge the companies violating our roads in the mornings!

This will only get worse as Christmas traffic builds and I am particularly concerned for our bridges (and perhaps my sleep!)

LW Comment

Many thanks to Sally for taking the time to write about yet another Wapping traffic issue. Let’s get out there and start photographing these trucks!

Might be an idea to bring this up with Unmesh Desai next Monday when he comes to Wapping to see what the problem with the 100 bus route is?


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  1. Was thinking it seems strange I’m not noticing this volume of tipper trucks over on my side of wapping- Vaughn way/ thomas more, which would be natural route back to the highway if they were just cutting through, then realised, maybe they are London Docks development related? Just a hunch, not sure what the advantage would be coming that way to get to Pennington st, but if they aren’t coming out at Vaughn Way or Thomas More st, it’s possible…. anyway, will keep eyes peeled to test this theory. No evidence to back it up at the mo.

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