Transport for London to slash Wapping 100 bus times

Only thanks to our friends over at SE1 has LW become aware that Transport for London (TfL) is to reduce the frequency of the 100 bus route which is a lifeline to many in Wapping.

Screen grab of page 8 of TfL document detailing cuts to 100 bus service

Buried away in an obscure PDF document which you can find on the TfL site here is this:

Cuts to 100 Museum of London – Shadwell

To match demand, we’re changing the frequency:

  • Monday to Saturday daytimes buses will run every 12 minutes (previously every 8 minutes)
  • Sunday daytime and each evening buses will run every 15 minutes (previously every 12 minutes

This is happening from 4 November 2017.

Call the Wapping Mole sceptical but he wonders if this reduction in the frequency of the service is part of a long-term plan to get rid of the 100 bus completely?

100 bus pictured in Wapping Lane – but for how long?

Our reasoning is that it was only in February this year that TfL carried out what they called a ‘consultation’ and everyone else called ‘going through the motions after a decision was made’ to terminate the 100 bus route at the Museum of London, short of St. Paul’s.

Moley did some basic arithmetic at the time and exposed the dubious methodology used by TfL to justify the cuts to the 100.

Wapping resident Mayor John Biggs

Mayor Biggs, a Wapping resident, was unimpressed (even though he walks to work every day), saying at the time that:

“Many residents rely on buses to get around, particularly as the area doesn’t have its own tube station. By cutting back the 100 bus route people will have much further to walk and fewer interchange options, this will particularly hit the elderly and less physically able.”

Mayor Biggs demonstrated his usual diplomacy and tact by adding that ““I am disappointed that TfL failed to see sense and fully address our concerns.”

So in February 2017 TfL reduces the length of the 100 bus route using some well dodgy statistics then only eight months later suddenly decides that not many people use the 100.

Odd that, innit?

LW Comment

LW hopes that Wapping residents can count on the Mayor and our local councillors Julia Lopez (nee Dockerill) MP and Denise Jones to give TfL grief constructive criticism on their behalf. No doubt Wapping Lib Dems Stephen O’Shea will be on the case too.

If we fail to stand as a community and object to the continued erosion of the 100 bus by TfL now we run the risk of losing the service completely in future.

So best Wapping get’s organised now. We think our version of the TfL logo above sums it all up nicely.



6 thoughts on “Transport for London to slash Wapping 100 bus times

  1. This isn’t TfL picking on the 100. Bus frequencies are being cut right across the network.
    Londoners voted for a 4 years fares freeze, meanwhile the value of the pound has dropped considerably, and inflation is at around 3%, so something has to give.

  2. I would also suggest emailing Unmesh Desai our London Assembly member since I believe TFL is also an Assembly matter. Not that it changed anything but when I wrote to Unmesh re the shortened route, earlier this year, I did get a reply directly from TFL albeit it did not actually change anything.

  3. Why it terminates at Museum of London is beyond me – surely it should be at Blackfriars as an obvious terminal point?

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