Biggs – no joint plans with Turks Head Company, no s106 cash for Lido

Official from the Mayor regarding the Turks Head Company, the Lido and the £3.1m Tideway s106 cash.

“Mayor Biggs has unequivocally confirmed that the Mayor of Tower Hamlets has no joint plans with the Turks Head Company, and although he likes the idea of a Lido there is no feasibility study, no funding package, no plan to use Tideway S.106 money for the purpose.”

Which is about as clear as you can get.


Current Mayor of Tower Hamlets
John Biggs, Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Many thanks to the Mayor for clarifying that there is no linkage between the Council and the Turks Head Company.

More of those pesky fact things

Just to be on the safe side, for those who have difficulty with those pesky fact things, here is the above in good old bullet point form!

  • There are no joint plans with the Turks Head Company [regarding anything]
  • There is no lido feasibility study
  • There is no funding package
  • Tideway S.106 money will not be used for lido – it’s going to stay right where it should. In KEMP

We briefly considered broadcasting this in semaphore but it’s dark at the time of writing and no-one would see it. Shame, could be fun.

Below is a handy guide if you fancy having a go yourself.

A – Z in semaphore. Much more fun than emojis.


King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP)
King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP)


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