London Dock secondary school building design consultation 9th November

A public consultation on the building design of the London Dock secondary school building is being held between 2pm and 7pm on Thursday 9th November at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, East Smithfield.

LW only found out about this courtesy of yet another alert resident – thanks for that!

Update 02 November

Subsequent to more enquiries by LW and our local councillors today we were sent some more information about the status of London Dock school and the consultation:

“Cabinet agreed on 19 September 2017 to defer implementation of the London Dock secondary school building scheme whilst there’s a review of the demand for secondary school places in the borough.

However, we do need to make sure that we can re-activate the scheme quickly if necessary. As a result, we are still seeking planning consent.

As part of this, a consultation session on the proposed design for the school is going ahead on Thursday 9 November, between 2 pm and 7pm at The Lambeth Room, Royal Pharmaceutical Society, 66 East Smithfield, London, E1W 1AW.

The consultation invite was mailed directly on 27th October to 2,275 addresses (2213 residential and 62 businesses) that may be affected by the proposed plans.

All local residents and the parents, staff, governors and pupils of local schools who are interested in viewing and commenting on the building design are welcome to attend.”


London Dock school questions

We have a feeling that while it is good for residents to be consulted about the design of the school building the more important question is when is they school every going to get built?

And what type of school will it be?

Our understanding is that building London Dock school is not a priority for the Council and so it may not be built until… well, whenever really.

Anyone know?

Anyone like to tell Wapping residents?

Maybe it is a secret.

Site reserved for London Dock school viewed from Pennington Street (Royal Pharmaceutical Building in background)

If anyone knows Cllr. Wood knows

Cllr. Andrew Wood

Many thanks to Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) who we find is the best source for news of any progress about London Dock school.

Andrew’s twitter account is one of the best in the borough (quite possibly the best) for information as to what the Council is doing and we suggest you follow @Andrewwood17.

Andrew has kindly sent us the link to Agenda Pack 3 for the Council cabinet of Tuesday, 31 October 2017 at 5.30 p.m (PDF) which details spending on school buildings across the borough.

Below is a screen grab of the only mention of London Dock school in this particular document (our underline in red).

Agenda Pack 3 for the Council cabinet of Tuesday, 31 October 2017 at 5.30 p.m

As you can see the numbers for spend on London Dock school are£1m for 2017-18 and £2.5m in 2018-19 then nothing for the rest of the financial period detailed.

As Andrew said in his tweet with the document link “Cabinet paper allocates 1/2 of budget to London Dock school but then stops investment up to 2021. Rest of paper makes no mention of it.”

More London Dock school questions

Quite what that means we do not know. A wild guess being that London Dock school will not become a reality until 2021 at the earliest?

Again answers from someone who knows please!

Where is the Royal Pharmaceutical Society building?

And for those who have no idea where the Royal Pharmaceutical Society London is we can reveal it is the rather nice building on the north side of East Smithfield at its junction with Vaughan Way and The Highway – diagonally opposite from where the London Dock school site is.

Here’s a nice map for you all.


The Lambeth Room
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
66 East Smithfield

LW Comment

The Wapping Mole will probably be digging around the consultation and according to reliable sources already has three questions on his list:

  1. Why build a school of any type right next to one of the most polluted roads in London?
  2. Who took this decision?
  3. What measures will be put in place to reduce pollution and monitor the school children and staff for any detrimental effects?
London Dock school will be built behind the hoarding on right of photo. Fumes, anyone?


2 thoughts on “London Dock secondary school building design consultation 9th November

  1. Speak to the contractors on site. The guy I spoke to said the plan was to start building in Feb 2018. The question we really need to ask is who is running this school and will it be co-ed or boys only? Wapping needs a secondary school because it has none. Surely need for a school is more important than where it is sited and pollution concerns, since good design to some extent can manage these?

    1. Thanks for your comment and yes the real question is what type of school will this be and who will be running it? We should remind ourselves that whatever school is built at London Dock its catchment will not just be Wapping.

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