Henry Moore’s ‘Old Flo’ sculpture returns to her Tower Hamlets home

Under the watchful eye of Mayor Biggs Henry Moore’s ‘Old Flo’ sculpture was lowered into position in her new home at Cabot Square, Canary Wharf last night.

Home again.

The 1.6 tonne bronze is worth an estimated £20 million and has returned to Tower Hamlets after an absence of 20 years.

“How many Mercs can I get for £20m?”

Like anything that was not bolted down – and quite a few things that were – ‘Old Flo’ was nearly flogged off by the previous Mayor (Absolutely no ‘Crikey, he could have bought a whole fleet of Mercedes for that sort of money’ jokes please – Ed.)

Officially called ‘Draped Seated Woman’ the statue has spent the last 20 years in Yorkshire Sculpture Park but was originally housed in the Stifford Estate, Stepney as one of 70 art works commissioned by London County Council after the London blitz.

‘Old Flo’ can be seen in Cabot Square, Canary Whard

The statue was moved to Yorkshire in the mid eighties when the Stifford Estate was being demolished.

‘Old Flo’ will be officially welcomed back home by Executive Mayor John Biggs at a ceremony on Wednesday 25th October.

Mayor Biggs has previously said that “Old Flo is an important part of the borough’s cultural heritage, that’s why we took the decision to cancel the previous Mayor’s sell off and are returning her to her rightful place in the borough.”

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