London Dock school update September 2017 (well, sort of)

The new secondary school at London Dock is projected to open in September 2020. Or September 2021.

Many thanks to Amanda of the Turks Head Charity for spotting a ‘a timetable of sorts’ for the London Dock school development buried deep inside a PDF which is of course no use to anybody.

September 2020 opening?

The single paragraph from page 427 is shown below.

STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENTS – site allocations secured in the strategic planning process

3.14 London Dock Site allocation for a 6FE secondary school. Planning application approved March 2014 includes outline permission for a school. LBTH has 10 year period to exercise the option to develop the school. The design and programme are in development and could be the subject of a decision to proceed as early as October 2017 with a projected opening date of September 2020.

No news on what type of school London Dock will be. No surprise there <sigh>

We couldn’t find the original document on the Council site and did not want to waste even more of our lives than we have already so you can find the PDF that Amanda sent us here: Planning for School Places (3.4Mb).

Update: Apparently it’s from the Cabinet Report here.

Or September 2021 opening?

Update 2: Cllr. Andrew Wood has some more details and has kindly sent them in.

“The next paragraph in the report has a different message on timing,” says Cllr. Wood.

3.15 Due to the projected slow-down in increased numbers coming through from the primary sector and the capacity available up to 2021/22, it is now not proposed to move into the procurement stage on the London Dock project until a further full round of projections has been completed. The earliest potential opening date would be September 2021, if a decision was taken to proceed following the 2018 round of projections of demand, in September 2018.

So September 2021. <double sigh>




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