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King Edward Memorial Park (KEMP) meeting 2nd November

The next meeting of the King Edward Memorial Park Community Liaison Working Group will be on Thursday 2 November at 19:00 so why not pop along and see what is happening to your park?

Community Liaison Working Group? Wassat? Wositt working wiv? All good questions! Read on.

The King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore Community Liaison Working Group (or KEMPF-CLWG as it is far more snappily known) is how you the lovely residents of Tower Hamlets get to liaise with the Thames Water Thames Tideway Tunnel people who have done such a lovely job of enhancing our park as is shown in the photo below.

Nice, innit? King Edward Memorial Park foreshore in its current state. Photo courtesy of Thames Water

If you want to find out more about the King Edward Memorial Park Foreshore Community Liaison Working Group you can ring the Thames Tideway Tunnel  Helpdesk on 08000 30 80 80 or email

£3,106,000 anyone?

From the minutes of the last KEMPF-CLWG meeting (PDF) it seems the Council has now received the Section 106 documentation for ‘improvements works’ for the sum of £3,106,000 from Thames Water. Or Thames Tideway Tunnel. Whatever.

Wonder what’s going to happen to that money? What does ‘improvement works’ mean? Improving what?

Or should we – and you – be asking where is that £3,106,000 of Section 106 money going to be spent?

And on what? Oh and how as well of course.

Artists impression of KEMP once Thames Tideway have done their work.

Thames Water / Thames Tideway Tunnel / Whatever say they will be making a number of submissions to the Council as part of the consents they need to secure before starting different phases of work at the park.

These submissions are available to view on the London Borough of Tower Hamlets planning portal by searching for ‘Thames Tideway Tunnel’. Please click here to be redirected to the portal.

If residents want to comment on the submissions you have to respond directly to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Revolving chairs

As all residents are no doubt aware the Chairperson of the KEMPF-CLWG now seems to rotate between Jon Aldenton of the Turks Head Company and Mike Wardle of Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre – joint applicants for the Wapping Lido scheme. Which is adjacent to KEMP.

Shadwell Basin or The Highway?

The 2nd November meeting we think will be at the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre instead of in The Shadwell Centre on The Highway as it has been in the past – confirmation please?

At the last meeting there were no less than seven Thames Tideway Tunnel peeps there as well as representatives of the Council, Turks Head Company, Free Trade Wharf and presumably five or six others who are, presumably, residents.

Seems a little lop-sided in terms of the whole ‘community representation thing though don’t it? So maybe you should help balance that out a little? Or a lot. Up to you. Your park after all.

Don’t forget folks – King Edward Memorial Park Community Liaison Working Group meeting Thursday 2 November at 19:00!

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