Exclusive: Team Lutfur Rahman Election 2018 Photo Special

One of the main duties of LW is to give free publicity to those organisations who are almost unknown in Tower Hamlets.

Therefore it gives us great pleasure to publish this photograph identifying the members of Team Lutfur Rahman as they gathered to plan their 2018 elections strategy in the basement of Zazas restaurant in Whitechapel the other week.

Just to make sure that the maximum number of people know who is who we have carefully compiled a list of names and job functions where known.

Many will be familiar with the jocular figure that is the ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman, but we think it is only fair to provide as much information as we have obtained so you can all identify the rest of the cheeky chappies!

Update 20:20 hrs 18 September 2017

Many thanks to those of you who have already sent Moley more detailed information about Team Rahman. We will not be publishing these immediately as we need to cross reference but please keep them coming in via a message on our Facebook page or email hello@lovewapping.org

Team Lutfur Rahman – “Say grants money!”


Team Lutfur already has a commitment of £100,000 for fighting the 2018 elections.

Team Lutfur Rahman 2018

  1. Abdus Samad, works at Canary Wharf Group
  2. Not Known
  3. Sayed Ahmed, works at Canary Wharf Group
  4. Tareq Chowdury Businessman
  5. Talha Ahmed, works at Canary Wharf Group
  6. Not Known
  7. Cllr. Mahbub Alam St Dunstan’s Independent Group
  8. Kabir Ahmed Works at Canary Wharf Group
  9. Juber Ahmed Works at Canary Wharf Group
  10. Not Known
  11. Not Known
  12. Monawar Hussain, works at Canary Wharf Group
  13. Fazleh Elahi, works at Canary Wharf Group
  14. Cllr. Md. Miaum Miah (Canary Wharf, Independent Group)
  15. Cllr. Ohid Ahmed (Independent Group, Lansbury)
  16. Lutfur Rahman (currently unemployed)
  17. Helal Miah, works at Canary Wharf Group
  18. Not Known

More details please

It seems that several of Team Luftur Rahman 2018 are employed at Canary Wharf Group, one of Poplar’s main local employers. We do not have employment details for everyone.

If any readers have names for those we have not managed to identify than please get in touch. And of course more details of all pictured.

We are reliably informed that those who are currently unidentified are mainly low-level errand boy types.

One person noticeable by his absence is Cllr. Oliur Rahman. Maybe he was busy the night the team photo was taken?

Or maybe no-one bothered to tell him?

Sad, huh?



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