What’s up Amanda? Are we not allowed to express our views on Wapping Lido?

Oooh! It seems that our previous post regarding the attempt to stop me writing about various historical issues with the Turks Head Company has touched a nerve as Amanda Day, one of the Turks Head Company staff, seems to be a trifle miffed that anyone has dared to question these plans.

Odd thing is that this type of personal attack is exactly what Amanda’s co-worker, Turks Head Company trustee Gerardine Davies, indulged in a few months back and led me to publishing a post about it. We would not let anyone to feel left out so this post is for you Amanda.

Below is a screen grab of Amanda’s remarks but you can view it yourself and make your own comments on the Love Wapping Facebook page. 

Was it something we said?

Here’s the text of Amanda’s comment:

“There is no section 106 money from Tideway – that is for Shadwell Park and if anyone bothered to go to the Community Liasion Working Group meetings they would know that. Mr Baynes is propagating his own warped fiction as fact and because he has never been a news reporter, he believes his own bile. If you think that he is right then shame on all of you.”

Nice huh? Wonder what she really thinks?

Weird thing is that LW has not been on the receiving end of this much personal abuse since we were investigating the corruption of Lutfur Rahman. Lacking any facts to provide to deny the corruption Rahman’s numerous Twitter and Facebook trolls took to abuse very similar in tone to Amanda’s.

Indeed one of the most infamous of these was the time when one Tower Hamlets First candidate went down the Klu Klux Klan route on Facebook. He only seemed to realise his mistake after (a) being arrested and (b) getting off with a warning from the police.

Fortunately Amanda’s invective is not on the same level as that. Whatever happened to Rahman anyway? Oh yeah…. 

What can one say? How can anyone rebut such a carefully articulated critique?

Maybe we should just let this news story speak for itself.

One thing that does confuse me Amanda. How on earth could anyone “believe their own bile?” And why should never having been a news reporter be of any consequence to me? Are the expenses really that good?

Beam me up Scottie!

And as to warped fiction well yes, we do like some Star Trek as much as the next person but don’t read fiction much to be honest.

Warped fiction speed anyone?

Anyway here is a nice photo of a bile duct Amanda to help you with any future Facebook comments. Pip pip!

Green, innit?


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  1. I must confess having been involved with St Katharines & Wapping, some years previous, that Love Wapping is doing temendously well in exposing the positivity that Aldenton has for the area in addressing his own bank account.

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