Tower Hamlets police adopts cutting edge approach to knife crime

Residents are being invited to join in searches for knives and other dangerous weapons hidden in public spaces.  The simple but effective approach involves officers knocking on residents doors when they are about to undertake a search and ask them if they would like to join in?

Machete recovered during a recent police and residents search operation

Members of the public who volunteer to help out are given a safety briefing before being teamed up with a police officer during the searches.


Large kitchen knives, needles, hammers and poles have also been seized during the searches.

One of the most dangerous weapons that it is hoped the searches will uncover are ‘Zombie knives’ as pictured below.

Combined axe and throwing knife, Zombie style. Not for sale in UK.

Zombie knives are defined as those used for the purpose of violence and their sale is banned in the UK. There can be no other intended purpose for the type of obscene weapon shown.

The wounds inflicted by these types of illegal weapons are horrific.

As a result of their ban users who try and buy Zombie knives from will be met with this message:

Amazon does not sell zombie knives

Anyone in possession of dangerous knives can dump them anonymously in a bin outside Bethnal Green police station as part of the Met’s “Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife” campaign.

Met’s “Save a Life – Surrender Your Knife” campaign poster

So if you do get a knock on your door one day and open it find a smiling police officer asking if you would like to spend an hour grubbing around some bushes you know why you should say “Ooh yes please!”.



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