Three Reasons Why Transparency Matters In The UK

Corruption in the UK is endemic.

Money launderers buying UK properties to wash their dirty money, global corporates avoiding pay millions in corporation tax, businesses hiding their assets offshore,  property developers twisting the planning system to achieve their own aims regardless of local residents concerns, politicians at all levels advising organisations the very organisations they should be investigating.

Our attention was drawn to the video by Transparency International below after watching a similar short animation about tackling corruption in South Saharan Africa.

The UK looks down on many countries when corruption is discussed but we have no reason to.



Transparent access to information is fundamental to the operation of democracy.

The operations of housing associations and other social landlords, property owners both offshore and onshore and private developers who get rich with public money all have to be made open to scrutiny.  This is one of the many areas Transparency International UK  is working on.

As Tower Hamlets has found there will always be those willing to plunder public assets for the benefit of themselves and their sympathisers.

The hard fact is that corruption in the UK is worse than in many so-called ‘developing’ countries.

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