Shadwell Egyptian Geese and six gooselets all well

After receiving reports of something very nasty happening to the Egyptian Geese family on Shadwell Basin last night first(ish) thing this morning we despatched our entire team of Wildlife Rangers to check on them – and as you can see they are all very well indeed.

Under the careful eye of Mike Wardle and the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre team they were to be found paddling around the canoes in the sunshine.

Not paddling in canoes – just around them. Without paddles.

As ever some seedy brown bread – not that nasty mushy white stuff – gave our geese and gooselets a mid-morning snack.

The geese much prefer some fresh grass – which is one reason they like Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre as there is some lovely grass for them near the river.

As our Rangers took some photographs Mike told them of a lovely story from just before the new brood arrived.

Mmmm…. canoe slime!

Mike said that some weeks ago one of the parents could be seen standing on the new slipway, not moving and not doing anything else. Just standing and waiting.

Concerned by this odd behaviour (Egyptian Geese rarely stand still for long) Mike called the RSPCA who came and checked out the goose. Nothing wrong there. So what was going on?

The explanation came quite soon as one day a small flock of small Egyptian Geese gooselets fluttered into the Thames from the huge Thames Water platform next door!

Always vigilant.

Seems the mother took a liking to the oil-rig like structure and established her nest there. (Thanks to Thames Water for the loan of the platform.)

The new jetty.

After launching into the Thames for their first swim the new family members tootled up the slipway to rejoin the dad who had of course been waiting for them.

You wet? Yeah, you?

From there it was a short hop to their new stomping ground and all that fresh grass – and of course someone kind to keep an eye out for them.

Time for a nap!


Boat wash! Boat wash!


Even damper than before…


But there is a nice pontoon to dry off on in the sunshine.


Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre

If you haven’t visited Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre you should do! Lots of stuff to do! Oh and they have geese.





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