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  1. I don’t pay to access The Times newspaper so only read the second hand reports. I work in education and have weekly contact with children’s services, although not in Tower Hamlets. The court papers are now available which I think prove that the nature of this reporting has been somewhat skewed. The grandmother has now been assessed as an appropriate carer, although in my experience this process has taken longer in TH than it would have done in my LA. I really value the work you do. It’s just that I had a hunch that this story could not be taken at face value. I’m not trying to defend TH, as I say, I have no direct involvement with them professionally.

  2. I don’t have experience of Tower Hamlets children’s services. However, this story has clearly come from the parent. For a child to have been taken into foster care there will have been considerable neglect/abuse happening – by that same parent. Generally children taken into the care system are placed with family members, so it must also have been decided that no family members were suitable to ensure the wellbeing of the child. Children’s services do make mistakes, but I’m not sure that much proper journalism has gone on here.

    1. Thanks for your comment Maria. You state that ‘this story has clearly come from the parent’. What makes you think this? The original story in The Times was written by Andrew Norfolk, its Chief Investigative Reporter who clearly states his source as “a social services supervisor”. Andrew Norfolk is one of the best investigative journalists in the country and was responsible, amongst other work, for breaking the scandal of decades of child abuse in Rochdale. This destroys your second argument.

      You state that there will have been considerable neglect or abuse by the parent for this child to have been taken into care. This is incorrect. Children are sometimes placed into foster care because their birth families cannot cope with their current situation. You also say that ‘children taken into the care system are placed with family members’. Really? Again, what evidence do you have to back your claim up?

      If you have hands-on experience of working with children at risk / are a professional social worker or are otherwise qualified then please provide evidence for your assertions which we will consider for publication.

      For our part it seems that not much coherent thought has gone into your comment.

      From our own professional experience working with children at risk and social services departments we know that social workers are faced with impossible challenges on a daily basis which the vast majority deal with in a professional manner. If and when mistakes are made it is frequently because the social worker concerned is either overworked or not provided with the correct level of professional support.

      There is no allegation that a specific social worker is at fault here, indeed from the original Times report which has only come to light through a social worker contacting the newspaper, it would seem that it is Tower Hamlets Council’s child protection *system* which is at fault. Any local authority has a legal duty of care to children. If it was not possible for Tower Hamlets Council to place the child in question in a fostering environment compatible with the child’s basic cultural needs then the Council should have admitted this and gone outside their own area to remedy this. It is possible that the Council tried and failed to do this. We do not know and the current official comment from the Council is of little use.


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