This is taking the mickey – another Wapping lock-in Sun 6th August

Sorry. Only this morning we published this story about a wonderful, life affirming sporting event which would take place on Sunday 6th August but would not mean a closure of The Highway and so there would not be a third Wapping lock-in.

Unfortunately we were wronger than a wrong person in Wrong Land who has just won first prize in the Being Wrong Competition.

Because The Highway will be closed between 06:00 and 19:00 on Sunday 6th August for the IAAF World Championships London Marathon 2017.

And that means for the third weekend in a few weeks Wapping will be locked-in.

Three. Week. Ends.


The only reason we know this and now you know this is because the mine of information known locally as @Cartwheelcaff (‘My name is Cathy and I can do a cartwheel…’) brought our attention to a leaflet and then very kindly tweeted the above photograph of the road closures.

Thanks Cathy!


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