Wapping surrounded by cyclists – and our pavements invaded by them too

Some Tower Hamlets residents are getting more than a little fed up with being locked-in by sporting events and then having to walk in the roads because the cyclists are riding on the pavements.

The Isle of Dogs, Limehouse and Wapping are worst affected with roads in Wapping closed at 4am this morning. Why 4am?

Just to add potential injury to insult many Prudential Ride London decided to take over the pavements (as photographed above at St. Katharine’s Dock yesterday afternoon) when it suited them.

Able-bodied people might be able to get out of the way in time but the less mobile and infirm are not so nimble or families out with children in buggies have to keep their wits about them.

LW Comment

LW realises we are breaking the unwritten rule that it is not politically correct to criticise cyclists but (a) we just don’t care and (b) er… we just don’t care.

Cycling is a great form of transport (insert more insincere platitudes about how wonderful cycling is just to keep some people happy here before publication, Ed.) but quite a few of those who have no interest in two wheels, pedestrians, would like to be treated with a little more consideration.

Perhaps one way would be for us all to dress as cyclists as we walk along the pavements and carry a bicycle wheel so we are treated as members of the cycling fraternity?

Although the vast majority of cyclists are well mannered there are too many – usually men who like to think they are ‘alpha males’  – who treat pedestrians as an irritant.

Church of Madonna del Ghisallo in Magreglio, Italy Pope Pius XII proclaimed the church to be the universal patroness of cyclists.

We have witnessed a cyclist racing along the canal who deliberately rode at two elderly ladies at speed in an attempt to scare the life out of them because they had the temerity to be walking. They achieved their aim. This was not a yob on a bike but a probably well-educated City worker who should have known better.

LW was also verbally abused by a cyclist only a few weeks ago because, well, we don’t know. We might have been doing the walking thing.

Last weekend we fell into a conversation with an elderly lady in Wapping Woods. After the usual discussion about the weather her next comment was, as a convoy of cyclists zoomed past,  how fast the cyclists were as they sped through the Woods from Shadwell Basin and that one day someone would be injured.

Speed bumps for thugs in cars is generally accepted as being a good thing. Let’s hope that we do not have to start adding speed bumps for cyclists on our pavements.

Now that would annoy some people, wouldn’t it?

Cue uproar.




4 thoughts on “Wapping surrounded by cyclists – and our pavements invaded by them too

  1. We were some of those “invading” cyclists (who happen to live in Wapping) that had the audacity to cycle along the canal with our 4 year old and down Mews Street (where your photo is taken) past the car barrier which apparently illustrates cyclists riding on the pavement (or perhaps just avoiding the car barrier obstructing them).

    Yes, some small children may have been riding on the pavements, but Ride London happens once a year and we should welcome events that encourage people to visit our great neighbourhood. Most people taking were not terrorising pensioners on the canals or endangering pedestrians on the pavements. Live and let live.

  2. Are your photos supposed to illustrate evil cyclists taking to the pavement “when it suits them”?

    I see families avoiding a barrier that some idiot has designed to stop motor vehicles without allowing bicycles to pass through.

    The thoughtlessness here is on the part of those in charge of our public spaces who fail to consider cycling in their designs.

    This leads to cycling bring an activity for “cyclists” instead of a normal option for all of us, as it is in Amsterdam.

    1. Yep, sorry it was not picture perfect but am sure we can find some others that illustrate our point more precisely. FYI there are now no cycling signs up in SKD as cyclists are supposed to walk their bikes past the barriers.

      1. The no cycling signs are just for the crossings over the lock, no? They’ve always been there, but more to do with the fact that bikes with thinner tyres can lose control on the metal grill.
        The barrier is poorly thought out, opens for all motor traffic exiting SKD but not for bikes.
        Cyclists coming/going from the city are three options… the poorly designed cycle superhighway at Shadwell where leaving/joining at Wapping is difficult and possibly not legal, the death trap that is the Highway or the slower but family friendly route through SKD. I’ve never seen a cyclist cause an issue here as the middle-aged-men-in-lycra all take the other routes.
        The barrier needs to go. People have used this route for years without a problem and there are other ways to stop cabbies using it as a cut through.

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